The Fix/Season One

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Season One
The Fix
Season Premiere March 18, 2019
Season Finale May 20, 2019
Episode Count 10
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Season One of The Fix premiered on March 18, 2019.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
1 1 Pilot Marcia Clark &
Elizabeth Craft &
Sarah Fain
Larysa Kondracki March 18, 2019 4.695M 0.7%
L.A. district attorney Maya Travis suffers a devastating defeat after prosecuting an A-list movie star for double murder. With her high-profile career derailed, she flees for a quieter life in rural Washington. Eight years later, when this same star is under suspicion for another murder, Maya is lured back to the DA's office for another chance at justice.
2 2 Revenge Elizabeth Craft &
Sarah Fain
Michael Katleman March 25, 2019 3.853M 0.6%
Maya and Matthew search Sevvy's house for anything that might lead to an arrest as they face mounting pressure from Wiest to build a case quickly. Meanwhile, Ezra tries to clean up Sevvy's image and finds a new suspect to take the attention off of his client.
3 3 The Wire Jerome Schwartz &
Denise Hahn
Steve Robin April 1, 2019 2.983M 0.5%
Maya convinces an asset to wear a wire during a rendezvous with Sevvy. Meanwhile, Ezra works to create an alibi for Sevvy and he sends his henchman, Buck, to pay a visit to Riv at his ranch.
4 4 Scandal Wendy Mericle &
Catherine LePard
Edward Ornelas April 8, 2019 3.231M 0.5%
Maya obtains surveillance footage of Jessica the night before her death. Wiest is furious after Ezra spins a story about an affair between Maya and Matthew. The D.A.'s office finds out that there's a mole leaking information to Ezra.
5 5 Lie to Me Ola Shokunbi Wendey Stanzler April 15, 2019 3.077M 0.5%
The district attorney's office makes everyone take a lie detector test in an effort to find the mole feeding information to Ezra Wolf. Meanwhile, Maya receives an unexpected visit from Sevvy's son Gabe at work.
6 6 The Fugitive Denise Hahn Stacey K. Black April 22, 2019 3.105M 0.5%
Sevvy is nowhere to be found before he is due to appear in court. Jessica Meyer's sister Lindsay meets with Maya and wants Sevvy behind bars, while the police receive a report that Maya is being stalked.
7 7 Ghost Whisperer Catherine LePard Randy Zisk April 29, 2019 2.772M 0.4%
Sevvy begins to have hallucinations about his departed ex Jessica, while her disgruntled sister, Lindsay, tries to take matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, the police find a homeless man wearing a jacket that belonged to Sevvy, and things escalate with Maya's stalker.
8 8 Queen for a Day Brook Sitgraves Turner Michael Katleman May 6, 2019 2.182M 0.3%
The district attorney's office is determined to get to the bottom of newfound evidence that appears to be planted. The police give Maya a security detail after the case takes a dangerous turn, while Loni comes clean to Maya about her dealings with Ezra.
9 9 Jeopardy! Corey Miller Silver Tree May 13, 2019 2.417M 0.4%
Sevvy offers a multimillion dollar reward for anyone with information on Jessica's murder and convinces Ezra to help him follow a lead in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, CJ and Riv hatch a plan to lure in Maya's stalker.
10 10 Making a Murderer Marcia Clark Michael Katleman May 20, 2019 2.897M 0.5%
All questions will be answered as a conviction is made in the murder of Jessica Meyer.
Teleplay by Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain