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Season Two
The Millers
Season Premiere October 20, 2014
Season Finale July 18, 2015
Episode Count 11

Season One



Season Two of The Millers premiered on October 20, 2014 with all episodes directed by James Burrows, except the fourth by Phill Lewis and the seventh by Marc Buckland.


# # Title Written By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
24 1 Movin' Out (Carol's Song) Chadd Gindin October 20, 2014 8.93M 2.1% 201
Carol begins her search for a new apartment, causing Nathan and Debbie to race each other to find her a place that is the farthest away from each of them. During the course of her house-hunting, Carol meets and develops an instant bond with Kip Finkle, her new best friend.
25 2 Reunited and It Feels So Bad Stephnie Weir October 27, 2014 6.94M 1.7% 203
Tom and Carol decide to formally end their marriage but are surprised when they both hesitate to finalize the divorce, sending Nathan and Debbie into a panic at the thought of their parents reconciling.
26 3 Give Metta World Peace a Chance Mark Stegemann November 3, 2014 6.78M 1.6% 204
Nathan lands the biggest interview of his career with professional basketball player Metta World Peace, but when karma catches up with him, he risks ruining his professional reputation.
27 4 You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings, Man Chris Harris November 10, 2014 6.48M 1.5% 206
When Ray points out that Nathan has a history of being the worst wingman ever, Nathan embarks on a mission to be a better friend by becoming less self-involved. Also, Debbie and Adam disagree over what's best for their family's livelihood.
28 5 CON-Troversy Guy Endore-Kaiser November 17, 2014 6.31M 1.5% 202
Nathan is assigned to cover a Sci-Fi Fest for his workplace and runs into a famous book author who has hated him since grade school. Meanwhile, Adam has an identity crisis when he learns that much of what he was taught on the commune was based on the mythology of Star Wars.
29 6 Diggin' Up Bones Austen Earl July 4, 2015 1.68M 0.3% 205
In an attempt to get Carol to be more daring, Kip encourages her to confront her former Central Elementary School work nemesis at the woman's retirement party.
30 7 When the Pope Comes Marching In Elizabeth Tippet July 4, 2015 1.469M 0.3% 207
When the Pope is scheduled to come to town, Nathan's planned week-long series of reports hits a snag when Ray gets a job offer to become the cameraman for a rival field reporter.
31 8 Papa Was a Rolling Bone Stephnie Weir July 11, 2015 1.823M 0.3% 208
The Millers decide to spend Thanksgiving apart for the first time ever, but they rethink the new family tradition when each of their individual Turkey Day plans hit snags.
32 9 Louise Louise Bobby Bowman July 11, 2015 1.758M 0.3% 209
When The Millers get a visit from their elderly Aunt Louise, they rally to help her figure out what her legacy will be when she worries that she hasn't left her mark on the world yet.
33 10 Highway to the Manger Zone Chadd Gindin &
Austen Earl &
Elizabeth Tippet
July 18, 2015 1.871M 0.32% 210
When staging their church's annual living nativity scene does not go as planned, Kip urges the Millers to stage their own rival show. Also, Carol asks Nathan and Kip to put aside their differences as a Christmas gift to her.
34 11 Hero Tim Stack July 18, 2015 1.957M 0.36% 211
When Nathan decides he should have a better relationship with his niece Mikayla, he agrees to use his celebrity status to help Debbie and Adam get her into a popular school. Meanwhile, when Kip develops side effects from his sleeping pills, Carol and Tom agree to help him kick the habit by sleep-training him.

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