The Mod Squad/A Reign of Guns

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A Reign of Guns
Airdate February 25, 1969
Written by teleplay
Dan Ullman
Tony Barrett
Dan Ullman
Directed by Gene Nelson
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The Uptight Town
1x21 →
A Run for the Money
The Mod SquadSeason One

Guest Stars: J.D. Cannon (Van Marney), Sean Garrison (Samuel J. Coles)

Featuring: John Harmon (Carl North), Glen Wilder (Beldon), Dorothy Konrad (2nd Landlady), Kevin O'Neal (G.I.)


Plot Overview

Investigating a series of burglaries in which guns and ammunition are stolen, Pete and Linc become involved with a millionaire who's planning to start his own militia.


Memorable Moments of the conditions for Pete, Linc and Julie to become cops is that they don't use guns...yet Pete and Linc break their own rule when they pull guns on Marney and Coles near the end of this episode.


"It's not the guns, it's the people that use 'em"--Linc in full NRA mode.