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Airdate December 14, 1972
Written by Rick Husky
Directed by Richard Newton
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The Mod SquadSeason Five

Guest Stars: Michael Anderson, Jr. (Jerry Schilling), Debbie Lytton (Kristie)

Co-Starring: Jed Allan (Kurt Raider), William H. Bassett (Gordon Calder)

Featuring: Jean Hale (Marion), Robert Patten (Daniel S. Wade), Buddy Lester (Bondelli), Bert Holland (Medical Examiner)


Plot Overview

A couple of days before Christmas, Pete agrees to watch the daughter of a friend, a parolee who served time for being an accomplice in a jewel heist. What Pete doesn't know is the trouble his friend is in--his partners in the heist are putting the squeeze on him, trying to find out where the stolen jewels are hid, which is something he doesn't know.


This is Mod Squad's only holiday episode...Captain Greer dresses up as Santa in the final scene, and the scene is framed in a green border at the end to look like a Christmas card.


In-jokes abound in this episode...first off, the character played by Michael Anderson, Jr. is named Jerry Schilling. Writer Rick Husky named the character after a friend of his...both he and Husky were close friends of Elvis Presley and members of Elvis's inner circle, affectionately known as the 'Memphis Mafia'. Husky would later use Schilling's name, as well as other names of folks in the Memphis Mafia in one of his Streets of San Francisco scripts.

In-joke #2: Jerry works for Bondelli's Nursery, named after Assistant Director Phil Bondelli. The real Bondelli would go on to direct a later Mod Squad episode, "Cry Uncle", and direct for many of Spelling's other series for over a decade.


"Sometimes when things are going rough, God's a pretty good guy to have on your side".--Pete explaining to Kristie why she should say her prayers