The Monroes (1966)/Range War

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Range War
Season 1, Episode 15
Airdate December 21, 1966
Production Number 8113
Written by Antony Ellis
Directed by Larry Peerce
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Pawnee Warrior
The Monroes (1966)Season One

Guest Stars: James Brolin (Dalton Wales), Tim O'Kelly (Billy Dan Wales), Gordon Wescourt (Jonah), Robert Middleton (Barney Wales)


Plot Overview

While in town, Kathy is approached by Billy Dan Wales who insists on escorting her home. Ruel Jaxon is there as well and jumps to Kathy's defense. A shootout erupts, and both Billy Dan and his friend, Jonah, are shot. Ruel escorts Kathy and the kids home, but they are chased by the Wales before they get home so Ruel scatters their horses that are grazing nearby. Ruel refuses to pay Barney Wales for the horses he scatters so Barney decides to go to Major Mapoy. He orders the Major to pay him $5,000.00 for Billy Dan's injured arm and the horses that Ruel scattered.