The Odd Couple (2015)/Season One

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Season One
The Odd Couple (2015)
Season Premiere February 19, 2015
Season Finale May 14, 2015
Episode Count 12





Season Two

Season One of The Odd Couple premiered on February 19, 2015.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Pilot Matthew Perry &
Danny Jacobson &
Joe Keenan
Mark Cendrowski February 19, 2015 13.57M 3.1% 102
Oscar Madison reluctantly agrees to let Felix Unger, his uptight former college roommate, move in with him after both of their marriages fail.
2 2 The Ghostwriter Lesley Wake Webster Phill Lewis February 26, 2015 11.08M 2.8% 105
When Oscar is hired to ghostwrite the autobiography of a retired baseball player, Felix offers his "help" by advising Murph to go in a different direction, making Oscar's job more difficult.
3 3 The Birthday Party Dan O'Shannon Phill Lewis March 5, 2015 12.362M 3% 101
When Oscar realizes he's forgotten Felix's birthday, he pulls together a last-minute surprise party in his honor in an attempt to impress Casey.
4 4 The Blind Leading the Blind Date Tucker Cawley Phill Lewis March 12, 2015 10.24M 2.5% 108
When Dani reveals she's depressed that she'll be the only single one at her high school reunion, Oscar and Felix each put their distinctive dating strategies to work to help her find a boyfriend.
5 5 The Wedding Deception Joe Keenan Phill Lewis April 2, 2015 8.7M 1.9% 103
When Oscar and Felix attend the wedding of an old college friend, Oscar aims to reconnect with an old flame while Felix is determined to show his ex-wife that he's a changed man.
6 6 Heal Thyself Bob Daily Phill Lewis April 9, 2015 9.73M 2.1% 106
Felix's hypochondria kicks into overdrive when Oscar starts dating the most important person in Felix's life - his doctor.
7 7 Secret Agent Man Tony Dodds Mark Cendrowski April 16, 2015 9.62M 2.1% 109
Felix convinces Oscar to appear on a sports television show against Teddy's advice to stick with radio.
8 8 The Unger Games Tad Quill Andy Cadiff April 23, 2015 9.47M 2% 110
When Oscar feels threatened by Felix's surprising performance on the softball field and basketball court, they agree to a decathlon to determine which one of them is the better athlete.
9 9 Sleeping Dogs Lie Emily Cutler Mark Cendrowski April 30, 2015 9.16M 2% 104
When Oscar and Felix make a trip to Ashley's to retrieve Felix's special pillow, a secret that he has kept from Oscar is revealed.
10 10 Enlightening Strikes Tucker Cawley &
Emily Cutler
Phill Lewis May 7, 2015 8.19M 1.8% 107
When Felix substitute teaches a yoga class, his teaching style rubs everyone, including Emily, the wrong way. Also, Oscar and Dani get trapped on a subway car, adding to their frustration about living in the city, and Murph asks Teddy to be his agent when he's approached to be the spokesperson for a Norwegian health supplement.
11 11 Jealous Island Cindy Appel &
Michael J.S. Murphy
Mark Cendrowski May 7, 2015 7.03M 1.5% 112
Oscar becomes weirdly obsessed with living up to Murph’s reputation when he finds out that the girl he is seeing used to date the handsome ex-baseball player. Also, when Emily volunteers to be a part of a historical reenactment on Ellis Island in order to spend more time with Felix, he is too busy preparing for his role to pay any attention to her.
12 12 The Audit Couple Dan O'Shannon Andy Cadiff May 14, 2015 8.17M 1.8% 111
When the IRS decides to audit Oscar and his ex-wife, Gaby, Felix offers to mediate between the contentious exes and suddenly realizes that he might be the reason Oscar was audited in the first place.

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