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Season Three
The Outpost
Season Premiere October 8, 2020
Season Finale January 3, 2021
Episode Count 13



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Season Four

Season Three of The Outpost premiered on October 8, 2020.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
24 1 For the Sins of Your Ancestors Jason Faller &
Kynan Griffin
Marc Roskin October 8, 2020 461k 0.1%
Zed forces humans to work a mining camp as Talon struggles to keep peace. A sassy genius invades Janzo's lab. A dark Priestess unites the Blackbloods.
25 2 The Peace You Promised Jason Faller &
Kynan Griffin
Milan Todorović October 15, 2020 588k 0.1%
Wren and Janzo solve a mysterious puzzle box. Meanwhile, Tobin and Munt escape to recruit help. Lastly, Talon learns a secret about who abandoned her.
26 3 A Life for a Life Jason Faller &
Kynan Griffin
Milan Todorović October 22, 2020 428k 0.1%
Talon, Wren, Janzo and Yavalla fight to survive as they search a labyrinth for an ancient relic. Gwynn and Zed fight for control of the Outpost.
27 4 The Key to Paradise Jonathan Glassner Orsi Nagypál October 29, 2020 438k 0.1%
As Talon presses for answers, Yavalla recruits Gwynn for her cause. Reunited with a past love, Tobin faces a difficult choice. Lastly, Zed's loyalty is tested.
28 5 Under Yavalla's Control Laura Whang Orsi Nagypál November 5, 2020 438k 0.1%
Tobin returns to the Outpost with an army - and a secret. Talon presses for answers and a fight in the Throne Room ends in death, imprisonment and a new commander of the Outpost.
29 6 Kill the Rat, Kill the Kinj Jason Faller &
Kynan Griffin
Jonathan English November 12, 2020 419k 0.1%
Talon sets up a sanctuary for the infected while Janzo and Wren conduct research to find a cure. Garret investigates a cult using human sacrifices.
30 7 Go Ahead and Run Jason Faller &
Kynan Griffin
Jonathan English November 22, 2020 376k 0.1%
Yavalla, Gwynn and Tobin overtake the Capital with Talon, Garret and Zed (Reece Ritchie) hot on their heels. Meanwhile, the Outpost becomes a new home for a Prime Order brute.
31 8 Dying Is Painful Laura Whang Milan Todorovic November 29, 2020 254k 0%
Talon deals with difficult emotions as death seems to be the only answer to save her friends. The Outpost becomes a fight arena as an old enemy releases a dark power into unsuspecting hands.
32 9 She Is Not a God Jason Faller &
Kynan Griffin
Imogen Waterhouse December 6, 2020 341k 0.1%
Tobin's secret is revealed to Gwynn. Talon learns of a long-lost deadly power. Meanwhile, two groups hunt for Yavalla - one group in hopes to find a cure and the other trying to kill.
33 10 From Paradise to Hell and Back Justin Patridge Kurt Knight December 13, 2020 257k 0%
Yavalla's strength is tested as Wren, her own daughter, confronts her as Janzo, Talon and Zed attempt an assassination. Meanwhile, Tobin's loyalty is questioned.
34 11 The Hardest Part of Being Queen Jason Faller &
Kynan Griffin
Kurt Knight December 20, 2020 316k 0.1%
Falista's anger is unleashed as she and Gwynn come to terms over Tobin. Meanwhile, Janzo exposes a phony cure scheme. Lastly, Talon seeks answers about her father.
35 12 Where Death Lives Jason Faller &
Kynan Griffin
Milan Todorović December 27, 2020 313k 0.04%
Talon and Zed learn painful truths about their relatives. Tobin makes a heroic rescue and Yavalla's horde grows as the Outpost prepares for battle.
36 13 Violence Is Futile Jason Faller &
Kynan Griffin
Milan Todorović January 3, 2021 290k 0.05%
The Outpost becomes overrun and Talon and Zed return with an unexpected ally. Facing total defeat, a sacrifice is seen as the only hope.

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