The Practice/New Evidence (1)

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New Evidence (1)
Season 4, Episode 12
Airdate January 30, 2000
Production Number 4P12
Written by David E. Kelley
Directed by Michael Zinberg
Produced by Gary M. Strangis
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The PracticeSeason Four
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New Evidence (1) is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of The Practice, and the sixty-ninth episode overall.

Starring: Dylan McDermott (Bobby Donnell), Michael Badalucco (Jimmy Berluti), Lisa Gay Hamilton (Rebecca Washington), Steve Harris (Eugene Young) (credit only), Camryn Manheim (Ellenor Frutt), Marla Sokoloff (Lucy Hatcher), Kelli Williams (Lindsay Dole)

and Lara Flynn Boyle (A.D.A. Helen Gamble) (credit only)

Guest Starring: Anthony Heald (Judge Wallace Cooper), Ted Marcoux (Dennis Mills), Stan Ivar (Mark Jacobs), Kaitlin Hopkins (Karen Mills), Silas Weir Mitchell (Anthony Brickman), Dougald Park (Zachary Kingman), Dreya Weber (Sister Janice Murray), Eric Saiet (Robert Letterman)

with John Finn (Detective Henry Doaks)

and Clancy Brown (D.A. Justin Fox)

Co-Starring: Barbara Allyne Bennet (Mrs. Reynolds), Ralph Remington (Jail Guard)


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  • Bobby Donnell: How the hell could you say that?
Lindsay Dole: It's all circumstantial. We can make reasonable...
Bobby Donnell: Lindsay, he said he never met a victim. Now they have a photograph of the two of them together.
Lindsay Dole: That was a coincidence. They were both attending...
Bobby Donnell: A coincidence?
Lindsay Dole: Or she went to check him out, but they never met.
Ellenor Frutt: Come on, Lindsay, this guy is dead in the water.
Bobby Donnell: He was open to taking manslaughter.
Lindsay Dole: He was browbeaten into considering manslaughter.
Bobby Donnell: I don't care. Any way he gets there, he should be jumping at it.
Lindsay Dole: (Angrily) Don't be jumping on me!
Bobby Donnell: It's practically malpractice...
Lindsay Dole: I said don't be jumping on me!
Jimmy Berluti: All right, all right.
Ellenor Frutt: Would everybody just calm down?
Bobby Donnell: 72 hours - that's how much time we have left. If we lose, he gets death, death by lethal injection. They do that here. Tell me what the hell we have to convince the jury of reasonable doubt?
Lindsay Dole: He didn't do it. I know...
Bobby Donnell: (Yelling) That isn't enough!
Lindsay Dole: Yes, it is. We get people off.
Bobby Donnell: With evidence, not...
Lindsay Dole: (Lindsay screams like a banshee) HE IS INNOCENT!
(She looks at Bobby for a second and then says again, more calmly.)
Lindsay Dole: He's innocent.
(Lucy was silent at the moment)
Jimmy Berluti: All right, look. We all got on the plane and came out here. It wasn't to get pushed around by some judge, it wasn't to get spat on by a cocky detective, and it wasn't to quit. Lindsay's right - we're fighters. We flew across country to fight for Dennis Mills, so that's what we do. 72 hours from now, the gloves come off and we do what we do. That judge, that D.A., time for them to get a taste of us.
(Bobby felt bad. And Lindsay is to be blame. And Ellenor should be ashamed of herself. Bobby will think about it. Lindsay will try harder.)