The Shield/Parracide

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Season 7, Episode 8
Airdate October 21, 2008
Production Number 5012-07-708
Written by Kurt Sutter &
Gary Lennon
Directed by Guy Ferland
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The ShieldSeason Seven
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Parracide is the eighth episode of the seventh season of The Shield, and the eighty-third episode overall.

Starring: Michael Chiklis (Detective Vic Mackey), Catherine Dent (Officer Danielle "Danny" Sofer) (credit only), Paula Garces (Officer Tina Hanlon) (credit only), Walton Goggins (Detective Shane Vendrell), Michael Jace (Officer Julien Lowe), Jay Karnes (Detective Holland "Dutch" Wagenbach), David Marciano (Detective Steve Billings), Benito Martinez (Councilman David Aceveda), Cathy Cahlin Ryan (Corrine Mackey), David Rees Snell (Detective Ronnie Gardocki)

and CCH Pounder (Captain Claudette Wyms)

Guest Starring: Laurie Holden (Agent Olivia Murray), Michele Hicks (Mara Sewell), Billoah Greene (Two-Man), Silas Weir Mitchell (Father Morton), Paul Dillon (Chaffee), F.J. Rio (Cruz Pezuela), Brandon Fobbs (Alonzo), Yasmine Abriel (Capuchina)

Co-Starring: Melanie Myers (Paula), Roy Jackson (Damon Leeks), Candice Afia (Keisha), Jaysea Gari (Maritza), Di Quon (Esther), Heidi Sulzman (Shonda), Malcom Foster Smith (Uni #2)


Plot Overview

When Two-Man fails to kill Ronnie, it destroys Shane's plan and sends him racing to stay ahead of the investigation before it leads back to him.

Pezuela has Vic make sure a priest shuts down his church.



  • Drive-By Truckers - "A Blessing And A Curse"

Arc Advancement


  • Two-Man misses Ronnie, leading to an investigation that ID's Two-Man and is pressured by Dutch and Billings into giving up Shane.
  • Pezuela is being extra cautious and this likely to do with the cartel evaluator being Mexican military. Olivia asks Vic to get in close with him in order for Washington to identify the new contact.
  • Mara shows up at Corrine's and after revealing to her the truth about Terry Crowley, the Armenian money train, and trying to get Shane killed, she has her deliver the message to Vic to keep the authorities from catching them because of what Shane will testify to. She then tells her that they're going to call every day at 1:00 in the afternoon and 10:00 at night and to have Vic feed information about what the cops know.


  • Seeing Two-Man is about to give him up, Shane snakes out of the Barn and is away before anyone can catch him. Vic later deduces that Shane was waiting for him at his place at the time Two-Man tried to kill Ronnie.
  • Aceveda is also working with I.C.E. to get at Pezuela. When Pezuela pressures Aceveda to take him up on an offer to help his mayoral campaign.
  • After Corrine gives Mara's message to Vic, he asks her to help them. She asks him if they did what Shane said and he admits he did things he shouldn't have done and are hard to now defend. She tells him that she knew something about what was going on and agrees to help, but on the condition that it's the last and then she and the kids will be out of his life, as the price to he has to pay.
  • Vic turns in his badge eight days early.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Corrine: Did you really do all those things?
Vic: I did a lot of things that I shouldn't have done, for reasons that made sense at the time, but they're pretty hard to defend right now. What do you want me to say, I'm different? I don't want to go to prison. Do you want me to go to prison?
Corrine: Do either of you even feel any shame?
Vic: I don't think about it.
Corrine: Well, that's honest. Sad thing is, I've known. Maybe not the specifics, the details, but I've known, and I have let you infect me and our children! I'll help you this one last time... and then the kids and I are out of your life. That is my price. And you have to pay some kind of price!