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22 Short Films About Springfield
Season 7, Episode 21
Airdate April 14, 1996
Production Number 3F18
Written by David S. Cohen
Jonathan Collier
Jennifer Crittenden
Greg Daniels
Brent Forrester
Rachel Pulido
Steve Tompkins
Josh Weinstein
Matt Groening
Directed by Jim Reardon
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Bart on the Road
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Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"
The SimpsonsSeason Seven


Plot Overview

Milhouse and Bart are wondering if anything happens to people in Springfield as they are dropping stuff on cars from the overpass. Apu takes 4 minutes off to go to a party and parties "like it is on sale for $19.99". Lisa gets gum in her hair and Marge fails to get it out with peanut butter and other things. Smithers gets stung by a bee while he is pedaling the tandem bike that he and Mr. Burns are on. He is allergic to bee stings. Dr. Nick's malpractice suit is dropped because the malpractice committee saw how well he handled Abe Simpson, who was asking for a quack. Moe sends away to NASA to calculate Barney's bar tab. Barney pays $2,000 of it and Moe immediately get robbed. Skinner has Superintendent Chalmers over for dinner but his cooking goes bad and he passess off Krusty Burgers as "steamed hams". Homer accidentally locks Maggie in the newspaper dispenser while juggling his grocceries and trying to get a newspaper about a donut tax. He ends up taking the newspaper machine home. The Springfield police department discusses McDonalds in Shelbyville. The Bumblebee man tells his wife about his horrible day at work. Similar things start happening to him at home. Snake almost hits Chief Wiggum while he is crossing the street, but they get caught fighting by Herman and he holds them hostage. Reverend Lovejoy's dog goes to the bathroom on Flanders' at Lovejoy's request. Lisa's gum in hair problem becomes the whole town's problem: everyone is suggesting things. Cleatus tries to give some boots to his wife, but she refuses. The Comic Book Store Guy refuses to let Milhouse use the bathroom unless he buys something. His dad takes him away before he can go. They stop at the store where Wiggum and Snake are being held hostage. Nelson makes fun of the wrong guy. He makes him march down the street with his pants down the street with everyone laughing at him ("Ha Ha!"). Professor Frink doesn't have time to tell his story.


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