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Bart After Dark
Season 8, Episode 5
Airdate November 24, 1996
Production Number 4F06
Written by Richard Appel
Directed by Dominic Polcino
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A Milhouse Divided
The SimpsonsSeason Eight


Plot Overview

Lisa,and Marge go (at Lisas urging)to the Springfield Beach to help in the clean-up effort when they see the News report of some animals that need saving from an oil spill.Marge,and Lisa arrive to the Beach but find that all of the animals have been cleaned up.They are told that the rocks on the Beaches need cleaning.Reluctantly they clean-up the rocks.While they spend time there,Bart,and Homer are at Home being their usual selves,sloppy,and messy.The next day while Homer is sleeping in his mess,Bart goes outside to play was his friends.Bart,and friend play frisby near a strange woman's Residence.The Frisby lands atop the Woman's House.Bart climbs atop the Woman's House to to retrieve it despite what his friends had told him about the woman being some kind of witch.Unafraid,Bart climbs atop,but trips,and falls landing in the woman's bushes,and accidently breaking the woman's statue.Bart is confronted by the Woman.She takes him to his House where Homer who was undressed,covers himself with a shopping bag.The Woman whose name is Belle tells Homer about Bart breaking her statue,and wants him punished.Homer being indifferent ignores the woman's suggestion;until she threatens to come back later,and tell Marge about it.Homer suddenly changes his mind.He tells Bart that he will report to the Woman's House,and do whatever the Woman wants him to do.Bart reports to Belles House later in the day,upset that he has to do chores.Belle opens the front Door,and as Bart is still grumbling about whatever chores he has to do,he is shown something that he has never seen before.He watches in amazement at the claddedly dressed women,and the gambling that is going on.Belles Home is a Burlesque House.It has been around for many years.The residence of Springfield which includes:Grampa Simpson,and Principle Skinner have frequent this House for years.Both are surprised to find Bart working there.Homer having his TV Dinner is worried that Bart has not returned Home.He goes to Belles House,and angry at first that Bart has stayed so long doing what he at first thought were chores suddenly changes his attitude when he eyes the ladies dancing on stage.He is spellbound.He allows Bart to remain working at Belles House.Things are going along well until Marge returns Home,and finds out about Bart working at the Burlesque House.She is upset about this,and even more so when she finds out that Homer had allowed Bart to work there.Marge then goes to see Belle.They talk friendly at first,but then it gets personnal,and Marge threatens to have Belle run out of Town.Belle is not worried.At a Town Meeting,Marge,and several of the holier-than-thou- citizens of Springfield talk about,and show the Residence a slideshow presentation of Belles House of IllFame.The Citizens of Springfield most of whom are shocked at the slideshow.Marge clicks slide reel after slidereel exposing those who have frequently visited.After this Slideshow presentation,the Citizens all vote (some reluctantly) to close down the Burlesque house.The majority of the Springfield Citizens approach the Burlesque House like a calm lynch mob.Afew talk about destroying valuable artifacts,and others stealing.The Mob arrives at Belles House,Ned Flanders knocks,and politely asks to enter,and destroys her Home.She opens her front Door,the Mob breaks the gate open,and after afew words said,the Mob begins wrecking,and stealing objects.Bart,and Homer not wanting this senseless destruction to continue,shouts for the Mob to stop.He(Homer) reasons with this Mob through a song with Belle,and some of the Springfield Citizens joining in.When the singing comes to an end,the Citizens of Springfield changes its mind,all except Marge.She went to get a wrecking machine.Everybody stops Marge,and tells her they want the House to remain.Marge tries to reason in her her song,but accidently hits the lever which starts the machine going out of control,and it damages the side of Belles Home.Marge feeling bad about this wants to make it up to Belle.She does just that.Marge performs on stage as a Ventrillequist,with her lookalike Dummy.While performing,Homer shout a crude remark.He is escorted out the room by Bart after already been warned about talking during the performance.


This episode is somewhat of a take on"The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas".

Title Sequence

Did You Notice

While showing the slidereel,each Springfield resident has a black field over their eyes.




The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

The Song,and Dance scenes.



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