The Streets of San Francisco/Dead Lift

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Dead Lift
Season 5, Episode 20
Airdate May 5, 1977
Production Number 9009
Written by Larry Brody
Directed by Michael Preece
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The Streets of San FranciscoSeason Five

Guest Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Josef Schmidt), Larry Mahan (Henry Wilcox), Bert Freed (Mr. Jenks)

Special Guest Star: Diana Muldaur (Judith Winters)

Co-Starring: Frances Rafferty (Maxine), Hilary Thompson (Irene Lupoff), Peter Brandon (Paul Allen), Jerry Ayres (David Garver), Brendan Burns (John Kopecki), Eddie Ryder (Jim Barnotti), Florence Sundstrom (Lydia Beauchamps), Larry Delaney (Sergeant Andrews)

With: Barry Cahill (Colonel Langley), Dan Barton (Desk Officer), Victor Izay (Tony Lawler), William Bronder (Pappy Thompson), Irene Robinson (Riva Allen)


Plot Overview

The investigation into a young girl's brutal murder leads Stone and Robbins to an overly sensitive bodybuilder, who turns violent when teased about his physique.



The Show

According to Jonathan Etter's book, Quinn Martin, Producer, Martin wanted director Michael Preece to cast William Smith in the role of the murderous bodybuilder. Preece went ahead and cast Arnold Schwarzenegger instead, saying "The audience will love Arnold".