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The Streets of San Francisco/Target: Red

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Target: Red
Season 3, Episode 3
Airdate September 26, 1974
Production Number 5052
Written by Rick Husky
Directed by Barry Crane
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The Most Deadly Species
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Mask of Death
The Streets of San FranciscoSeason Three

Guest Stars: Bill Bixby (Jerry Schilling/Charles Pine), Andrew Duggan (Major General Robert West), Linda Marsh (Myrna Schilling)

Co-Starring: William Sargent (Joe Merrick), Cheryl Miller (Kimberly Young), William Bramley (John Condon), Curt Lowens (Emile Kestler), Peggy McCay (Nurse)

Featuring: Byron Morrow (Vernon Presley), David McLean (Captain), Bret Morrison (Lamar Fisk), Arline Anderson (Mrs. Smith), Gail Bryant Cameron (Miss Rubin)


Plot Overview

Stone and Keller team up with the FBI to pursue a vicious assassin who's been hired by a retired General to kill a visiting Chinese dignitary.


The Show

Eleven years after this episode, writer Rick Husky found himself working as a writer and producer on T.J. Hooker. He dusted this script off, and with some minor alterations--most notably Hooker knowing the assassin from his stint in Vietnam--rewrote it as the T.J. Hooker episode, "The Assassin".

Watch the two episodes back-to-back: William Shatner gets all of Karl Malden's dialogue from the Streets episode, while Heather Locklear and James Darren are sharing the lines originally said by Michael Douglas.

Allusions and References

This episode's writer, Rick Husky, was a member of Elvis Presley's entourage, the 'Memphis Mafia', which accounts for the character names of Jerry Schilling and Robert 'Red' West. Schilling and West were other members of Presley's circle of friends. There's also a character named Vernon Presley in this episode, named after Elvis's father, and the character name Lamar Fisk is based on yet another Memphis Mafia member, Lamar Fike. Also, the character Myrna Schilling was named after Jerry Schilling's then-wife, a member of Elvis's back-up singers, The Sweet Inspirations.

For the record, Husky was the producer of the short-lived 1990 series about Elvis's early career, and the real-life West, an actor and stuntman, appeared in a couple of Elvis's movies.