The Terror

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The Terror
Premiere March 25, 2018
Creator season 2
Max Borenstein &
Alexander Woo
Based on season 1
the book "The Terror" by
Dan Simmons
Developed by season 1
David Kajganich
Network/Provider AMC
Style 60-minute period drama
Company Aquatic Wonders, Inc. (season 2),
Scott Free Television,
Entertainment 360,
EMJAG Productions,
AMC Studios
Seasons 2
Episodes 20 (through season 2)
Status Renewed through season 3
Origin USA

The Terror, based on the 2007 best-selling novel by Dan Simmons, is set in 1847, when a Royal Naval expedition crew searching for the Northwest Passage is attacked by a mysterious predator that stalks the ships and their crews in a suspenseful and desperate game of survival. It is a fictionalized account of Captain Sir John Franklin’s lost expedition of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2 3
Jared Harris Captain Francis Crozier *
Tobias Menzies Captain James Fitzjanes *
Paul Ready Dr. Henry Goodsir *
Adam Nagaitis Cornelius Hickey *
Ian Hart Thomas Blanky *
Nive Nielsen Lady Silence *
Ciarán Hinds Sir John Franklin *
Derek Mio Chester Nakayama *
Kiki Sukezane Yuko Tanabe *
Cristina Rodlo Luz Ojeda *
Shingo Usami Henry Nakayama *
Naoko Mori Asako Nakayama *
Miki Ishikawa Amy Yoshida *
George Takei Nobuhiro Yamato *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One March 25, 2018 May 21, 2018 10
Season Two: Infamy August 12, 2019 October 14, 2019 10
Season Three


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There are no DVD releases for this show.

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