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Judith Grimes
The Walking Dead
Judith Grimes.JPG
Actors Kinsley Isla Dillon (Season 8)
Chloe Garcia-Frizzi (Season 9)
Cailey Fleming (Season 9 - present)
First Appearance 3x04 - Killer Within
Series Billing Season 3 - Season 7: Uncredited
Season 8 - Season 9: Co-Starring
Season 9 - Present: Also Starring

Judith Grimes, currently portrayed by Cailey Fleming, is a main character in the AMC television series The Walking Dead.


Basic Information

Character History

Judith is the first confirmed child born in the zombie apocalypse. While her father is unconfirmed, she born to Lori Grimes in an abandoned prison. The birth killed Lorie, the child survived and was named Judith by her brother Carl. She was separated from the Grimes when the Governor led an attack on the prison, but saved by Tyreese who protected her until she was reunited with Rick and Carl who looked after her when they arrived at Alexandria. After the death of Carl and presumed death of Rick, she was raised over the years by her surrogate mother Michonne who taught her to use a katana.

Memorable Moments


  • Judith's father has remained in question since Lori's pregnancy. While it may never be proven, fans, along with creator Robert Kirkman, believe her father is Shane Walsh. Even Rick confessed to believing he isn't her father.
  • The character has long outlived her counterpart in the graphic novels, who died during the Governor's raid on the prison when Lori was shot carrying her and collapsed on her.
  • Despite being a recurring character since the third season, none of the child actors were credited until Kinsley Isla Dillon in Season 8.