The Wayans Bros./Goop-Hair-It-Is

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Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate January 11, 1995
Production Number 456853
Written by Billy Van Zandt
Jane Milmore
Directed by Shelley Jensen

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First Class
The Wayans Bros.Season One

Special Guest Star: Gary Coleman

Guest Starring: Michael G. Hagerty (Stage Manager)

Special Guest Appearance by: Garrett Morris


Plot Overview

Shawn and Marlon's latest scheme becomes a hair-raising nightmare when they take over the manufacture and marketing of a grooming product called "Goop, Hair-It-Is." While Marlon comes up with a concoction that makes his hair look great, Shawn decides to sell the hair goop on an infomercial. They shoot the infomercial live, with Gary Coleman acting as a celebrity spokesperson. While Gary is doing his pitch for "Goop, Hair-It-Is," the chemicals from the product cause his hair to catch fire. Shawn and Marlon's dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs also go down in flames.