The What A Cartoon Show

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The What A Cartoon Show
Premiere February 20, 1995
Finale August 25, 2000
Network Cartoon Network
Style 30-minute animated anthology
Company Hanna-Barbera Productions
Seasons 1
Episodes 63
Origin USA

The What A Cartoon Show was the idea of Fred Seibert, who then was president of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon studio. At the time, he initiated a program for up-and-coming animators to create their own cartoon short subjects the way they used to be made--by the creators. Among the creators were Craig McCracken, David Feiss, Van Partible, Bill Hanna, Joseph Barbera, Don Jurwich, Tom Warburton, Genndy Tartakovsky and Bill Kopp.

Clips from some of the first cartoons were aired on the World Premiere Toons, a competition shown on Cartoon Network, TNT and Superstation TBS, hosted by Space Ghost and judged by the Council Of Evil. The only cartoon screened in its entirety was Craig McCracken's Meat Fuzzy Lumkins, the very first broadcast short starring The Powerpuff Girls. The What A Cartoon Show debuted in earnest on March 12, 1995. Some shorts (including the Powerpuffs) were received well enough to warrant a second short subject and a subsequent series.

What A Cartoon Shorts Subjects

Title Star Original broadcast Director, Notes
Meat Fuzzy Lumkins The Powerpuff Girls 2/20/95 Craig McCracken
Dexter's Laboratory Dexter, Dee Dee 2/26/95 Genndy Tartakovsky; greenlit as series
Short Orders Yuckie Duck 3/5/95 Pat Ventura
Stay Out! Dino (The Flintstones) 3/19/95 Joseph Barbera
Out and About Sledgehammer O'Possum 3/19/95 Pat Ventura
Johnny Bravo Johnny Bravo 3/26/95 Van Partible; greenlit as series
Look Out Below George & Junior 4/9/95 Pat Ventura; based on Tex Avery characters
Hard Luck Duck Hard Luck Duck 4/16/95 Bill Hanna
Wind-Up Wolf Wolf, Three Pigs 5/14/95 Bill Hanna
Raw Deal In Rome Shake & Flick 6/19/95 Eugene Mattos
A Clean Getaway Capt. Buzz Cheeply 6/25/95 Meinert Hansen
Bow-Wow Buccaneers Bloo's Gang 7/2/95 Mike Milo
Rat On A Hot Tin Can O. Ratz, Dave D. Fly 7/2/95 Jerry Reynolds, Russ Harris
Short Pfuse Pfish & Chip 7/9/95 Butch Hartman
Drip Dry Drips Fat Cats 7/16/95 Jon McClenehan
Yoink! Of The Yukon Yoink 7/30/95 Jerry Eisenberg, Don Jurwich, Jim Ryan
I'm On My Way Yuckie Duck 8/6/95 Pat Ventura
George & Junior's Christmas Spectacular George & Junior 8/6/95 Pat Ventura
Interlude With A Vampire Mina & The Count 11/5/95 Rob Renzetti; subsequent shorts shown on Nickelodeon
No Smoking Cow & Chicken 11/12/95 David Feiss; Emmy nominee; greenlit as series
The Chicken From Outer Space Courage the Cowardly Dog 12/31/95 John L. Dilworth; Oscar nominee; greenlit as series
No Tip Pizza Boy 1/1/96 Robert Alvarez
Crime 101 The Powerpuff Girls 1/28/96 Craig McCracken; greenlit as series
The Big Sister Dexter, Dee Dee 3/10/96 Genndy Tartakovsky
Old Man Dexter Dexter, Dee Dee 3/17/96 Genndy Tartakovsky
Dimwit Dexter Dexter, Dee Dee 4/14/96 Genndy Tartakovsky
Snoot's New Squat Snoot & Al 4/21/96 Jeret Ochi, Victor Ortado
Mike, Lu & Og Mike, Lu & Og 4/28/96 Mikhail Shindel; greenlit as series
Diseasy Does It Kenny, Chimpy 5/5/96 Tom Warburton; prototype for Codename: Kids Next Door
Hillbilly Blue Eustace & Mordechai 8/21/96 Butch Hartman
Gramps Gramps 9/1/96 Butch Hartman
Mr. Monkeyman Jungle Boy 10/9/96 Van Partible
Lost Control Godfrey & Zeek 10/16/96 Zac Moncrief
School Daze Tumbleweed Tex 10/23/96 Robert Alvarez
Buy One, Get One Free Fix the Cat 10/30/96 Charlie Bean, Don Shank
Kitchen Casanova Casanova 11/6/96 John McIntyre
Ignoramooses Sherwood & Pomeroy 11/13/96 Mike Milo
Johnny Bravo & The Amazon Women Johnny Bravo 1/1/97 Van Partible
Strange Things unnamed robot 1/22/97 Mike Wellins
What's Going On Back There? Sledgehammer O'Possum 2/8/97 Pat Ventura
Home Sweet Home Zoonatics 2/15/97 Paul Parducci, James Giordano, R.J. Reiley
The Great Egg-scape Dino 3/5/97 Joseph Barbera
Awfully Lucky Luther 3/26/97 Davis Doi
Blammo The Clown Pfish & Chip 3/19/97 Butch Hartman
Larry & Steve Larry & Steve 4/20/97 Seth MacFarlane; Steve thought to be prototype of Family Guy's Brian
Help? Jof the Cat 5/6/97 Bruno Bozzetto
One Step Beyond Podunk Possum 7/1/97 Joseph Orrantia, Elizabeth Stonecypher
Boid 'N Woim Boid and Woim 8/13/97 C. Miles Thompson
Tales Of Worm Paranoia Johnny, Sally 11/21/97 Eddie Fitzgerald
Malcolm & Melvin Malcolm, Melvin 11/28/97 Ralph Bakshi
Babe, He Calls Me Malcolm, Melvin 11/28/97 Ralph Bakshi
Lost Cat Lost Cat 5/18/2000 David Feiss
Whatever Happened To Robot Jones? Robot Jones 8/25/2000 Greg Miller; greenlit as series


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