Two Sentence Horror Stories/Season Three

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Season Three
Two Sentence Horror Stories
Season Premiere January 12, 2021
Season Finale February 16, 2021
Episode Count 10

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Season Four

Season Three of Two Sentence Horror Stories premiered on January 12, 2021.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
14 1 Bagman Vera Miao &
Leon Hendrix III
Kimani Ray Smith January 12, 2021 518k 0.12% 304
Five high school seniors in their first detention find themselves falling prey to a terrifying monster.
15 2 Elliot
Stephanie Adams-Santos Chase Joynt January 12, 2021 446k 0.1% 303
A transmasculine student endures merciless bullying in his high school until a mysterious janitor offers the teen a way to take care of his bullies once and for all.
16 3 Instinct
Just Smile
Sehaj Sethi Kailey Spear &
Sam Spear
January 19, 2021 606k 0.11% 302
A female gig worker arrives at a stranger's home for an odd job but starts to suspect that her seemingly genial host might be a serial killer - and she's his next target.
17 4 Imposter Pornsak Pichetshote Jen Liao January 19, 2021 441k 0.09% 305
Charles, the lone Asian American financial advisor at a high-profile investment firm, is on the cusp of receiving an award from senior management when he realizes he is being stalked by a terrifying stranger who looks just like him.
18 5 Quota
Melody Cooper Lynne Stopkewich January 26, 2021 520k 0.11% 301
The manager of a fulfillment center for an e-commerce company tries to keep productivity up during a busy holiday season amidst a deadly virus outbreak.
19 6 Fix Kristine Huntley Rania Attieh &
Daniel Garcia
January 26, 2021 351k 0.07% 306
A psychology student checks in on his estranged sister on the anniversary of their parents' death and starts to suspect she is possessed by a demon.
20 7 Essence
Megan Rosati Bola Ogun February 2, 2021 496k 0.06% 307
A young woman struggling to make ends meet starts work at a high-end nail salon, but the horrifying physical toll the job takes leads her to suspect something much more sinister may be at play.
21 8 El Muerto
Lucy Luna &
Carlos Foglia
Rania Attieh &
Daniel Garcia
February 9, 2021 474k 0.07% 308
A young girl has to hang out at the morgue as her mother works, only to find herself the target of a terrifying ghost.
22 9 Ibeji Melody Cooper &
Stephanie Adams-Santos
Bola Ogun February 16, 2021 444k 0.09% 309
When her twin sister is paralyzed suddenly from a stroke, a Nigerian American nurse must protect her from a broken medical system's neglect, and a dark force that feeds on the most vulnerable and unprotected.
23 10 Manifest Destiny Ryan Harris &
Migizi Pensoneau
Kimani Ray Smith February 16, 2021 365k 0.07% 310
An Indigenous man faces dark history when he and his girlfriend visit an Old West reenactment for their podcast.

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