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Betty Suarez
Ugly Betty
Ugly Betty-Betty Suarez.jpg
Actor America Ferrera
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot
Series Billing series: billed
Episode Count 23 (through season 1)
Notable Episodes 1x01 - Pilot
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Basic Information

Beatriz "Betty" U. Suarez is the main character of ABC's Ugly Betty. Betty is a not-so-attractive woman from Queens who gets a job in the high-fashioned world of MODE magazine as the assistant to the editor-in-chief Daniel Meade.

Character History

Betty Suarez (born 1984) is a well-educated Latina of Mexican descent who was born and raised in the Jackson Park section of Queens, New York, where she still resides with her older sister Hilda, her nephew Justin, and her father Ignacio.

While Betty may be smart and talented, her appearance and style are another story in itself. She wears glasses, has braces in her teeth, is fashion-challenged in terms of wardrobe, and is not as "sexy" as most females.

When Betty first applied for a job at Meade Publications, she is turned away because of her appearance, until Bradford Meade, the CEO, saw her and hired her to be the personal assistant to his son Daniel Meade, who Bradford had installed as the new Editor-in-Chief of MODE magazine after Daniel's predecessor, Fey Sommers, is killed. At first Daniel wanted to get rid of her, but when he learned that Wilhelmina Slater, MODE's creative director, was sabotaging him so she can take his job, he had a change of heart and rehired her. Thanks to Betty's assistance in helping Daniel reach his business potential, the two become success stories in the world of fashion.

Betty also became more involved with Meade family as well. Bradford trusts her because she can keep Daniel in check, while she played mediator between Daniel and Alexis, who reappeared after the latter had a sex-change operation. Betty was also instrumental in convincing Bradford's wife Claire to turn herself in after she confessed to Betty that she murdered Fey Sommers.

The prescence of Betty has even her co-workers, Marc St. James (who happens to be Wilhelmina's personal assistant) and receptionist Amanda Tanen, make fun or take advantage of her, but at times will tolerate it and will even work with her. Her only true friend at MODE is seamstress Christina McKinney, who's knowledge of what goes on also helps Betty, even as they have to deal with Wilhelmina, who thinks Betty stands in her way of obtaining the Editor-in-Chief job.

Betty's job has also seen its share of conflict at home. Hilda thought that Betty wouldn't fit in while Ignacio had reservations but supported her. The only member who seems to have encouraged Betty since landing the MODE job is Justin, who aspires to follow in his aunt's footsteps.

Romantically, Betty had to deal with her first boyfriend Walter, who cheated on her with next door neighbor Gina Gambarro, but that would end after Walter took a new job in Maryland. Afterwards Betty thought she found a match in accountant Henry Grubstick, only to have it dashed by his on-again/off-again flame Charlie. Betty later learned that Charlie had been cheating on Henry with Betty's denist, resulting in Charlie being pregnant and Betty questioning who is the father of Charlie's baby.

Memorable Moments