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Wilhelmina Slater
Ugly Betty
Ugly Betty-Wilhelmina Slater.jpg
Actor Vanessa Williams (I)
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot
Series Billing Series: Billed
Episode Count 23 (through season 1)
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Basic Information

Wilhelmina is the Creative Director at Mode magazine and is the series' main villianess.

Character History

Wilhelmina, who was a former model and the daughter of a United States Senator, was originally in line to replace Fey Sommers as the Editor-In-Chief at MODE, but she was passed over for the top job by Daniel Meade, who placed there by his father Bradford, who told Wilhelmina that was not qualified enough. So she began a series of tatics in order to manipulate the elder Meade into giving her the job, only to find herself dealing with another obstacle: Daniel's assistant Betty, who has thwarted most of her schemes.

Wilhelmina was also getting help from "The Mystery Woman", who many thought to believe to be Sommers, only to discover that it was actually Alexis Meade. However their union would unravel upon learning that Alexis can not takeover Meade Publications and Alexis' decision to keep Daniel onboard as Editor-In-Chief, resulting in Wilhelmina turning on her and intensifying the sibling rivalry between Alexis and Daniel.

Assisting her in her schemes is her gay assistant Marc St. James, who took advantage of her plot after he and fellow co-worker Amanda Tanen accidently called "The Mystery Woman". Marc also knows of Wilhelmina's plans after she takes over, and after learning of Amanda being on the list of people she wants out, Marc does his best to keep Amanda onboard. Wilhelmina also uses seamstress Christina McKinney as a minion because of Christina's friendship with Betty.

When she learned that Claire Meade (the real murderer of Fey Sommers) was the actual owner of MODE, Wilhelmina tried to manipulate her, only to fail in that part. So she resorted to manipulating Bradford into divorcing Claire so he can marrying Wilhelmina. That way she can take over Meade Publications and especially MODE. But as they plan for their wedding, Claire has already escaped en route to prison to stop the November event.

Memorable Moments


  • Wilhelmina, who used to be a model and claims her age to be 39. She also has a obsession with all things white.