Wake, Rattle and Roll

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Wake, Rattle and Roll
Premiere September 17, 1990
Finale December 14, 1990
Creator David Kirschner
Network/Provider Syndication
Style 30-minute live action and animated comedy
Company Hanna-Barbera Productions, Four Point Entertainment
Seasons 1
Episodes 65
Origin USA

Wake, Rattle and Roll is an animated comedy that aired in syndication.

The series was live action with cartoon segments. The live segments featured Sam Baxter, a teenager who screens cartoons on his talking robot D.E.C.K.S., which he built from discarded VCR parts. He is joined by his grandfather, Grandpa Quirk, and his girl friend K.C. The cartoons they screen are The Fender Bender 500--a Wacky Races update with Dick Dastardly and Muttley racing their new vehicle, the Dirty Truckster, against Yogi Bear, Top Cat, Huck Hound and Quick Draw McGraw and other H-B classic stars, and Monster Tails, about famous movie monsters left behind in a castle.

A year later, the series moved to the Disney Channel and was renamed Jump, Rattle and Roll. Due to it being aired with no commercial breaks as the Disney Channel was a premium network, the half-hour was padded out with episodes of Dino & Cavemouse (from 1980's Flintstone Comedy Show) and Undercover Elephant (from 1977's CB Bears).



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast - Host segments
R.J. Williams Sam 1
Ebonie Smith K.C. 1
Terri Ivens Debbie Detector 1
Avery Schreiber Grandpa Quirk 1
Rob Paulsen D.E.C.K.S. 1
Main Cast - The Fender Bender 500
Paul Winchell Dick Dastardly 1
Don Messick Muttley 1
Boo Boo Bear 1
Pixie 1
Greg Burson Yogi Bear 1
Huckleberry Hound 1
Quick Draw McGraw 1
Snagglepuss 1
Patric Zimmerman Augie Doggie 1
Dixie 1
Arnold Stang Top Cat 1
Marvin Kaplan Choo Choo 1
Shadoe Stevens Announcer 1
John Mariano Wally Gator 1
Neil Ross Baba Looey 1
John Stephenson Doggie Daddy 1
Allan Melvin Magilla Gorilla 1
Jean VanderPyl Winsome Witch 1
Main Cast - Monster Tails
Frank Welker Frankenmutt 1
Mumfrey 1
Pat Musick Elsa 1
Angel 1
Jonathan Winters Dr. Veenie 1
Charlie Adler Catula 1
Dick Gautier Malcolm Milkem 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 17, 1990 December 14, 1990 65

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