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Brothers in Arms
Season 6, Episode 19
Airdate May 1, 1999
Written by Nicholas Corea
Directed by Eric Norris
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Walker, Texas RangerSeason Six
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Brothers in Arms is the nineteenth episode of the sixth season of Walker, Texas Ranger, and the one hundred forty-ninth episode overall.

Chuck Norris (Cordell Walker)

Starring: Clarence Gilyard Jr. (James Trivette), Noble Willingham (C.D. Parker), Sheree J. Wilson (Alex Cahill)

Special Guest Star: Grand L. Bush (Simon Trivette)

Guest Starring: Jeremy Ratchford (Maxwell), Mark Porro (Victor Darden)

Featuring: Karen Borta (TV Reporter), Lori Hayes (Rose Trivette), Carl London (Young Simon Trivette), Marc Macaulay (Sidney Wallace), Fred Pooladsanj (Security Goon), Tommy Rosales (Chico Valdez), Kerry Rossall (Mace), Ed Spila (Connors), Cache Williams (Young Jimmy Trivette)


Plot Overview

Walker and Trivette receive a tip from an Undercover Cop that Big Time Crime Boss Victor Darden is bring in large shipments of Guns and Drugs. Darden is sending his chief henchman a Tall Black Man called 'Panther' to meet with these Arms Dealers at a Dallas Airscript to bust all present there. Walker and Trivette along with some Dallas Police arrive just as the exchange is about to take place. Now wanting to get caught with the Guns,and Drugs Panther has the Dealers load the incriminating evidence on their plane and take off. They will settle at a later date. As is the usual Walker and Trivette engage in fistfights with the badguys, except for Panther whom Walker gets the drop on. The former surrenders without incident. While the others are being read their rights, Trivette joins Walker who has Panther in handcuffs. To Trivettes surprize, Panther turns out to be Trivette's estranged brother Simon. Simon was an FBI Agent some years before, one of the Bureaus best Agents, until he was seriously wounded in a shootout with some Bank Robbers. The wound in Simons leg left him limping thus making Simon unable to work as a Field Agent. The Bureau Chief assigned him to Desk Duty. According to Trivette, Simon was not happy about this reassignment at all. In fact he was bitter, so bitter that he started stealing FBI Files, and passing secrets to Darden. He was caught, arrested tried, and found guilty. He was sentenced 5 years in prison, but only did several months. When he got out, he went to work for Darden. Simon became his number one hatchetman. At the present time, Simon is being held in the interrogation room with his lawyer, or rather Dardens Lawyer. He will be released, and will be back with Darden. Trivette will be dealing with this situation about his older brother coming back into his life somewhat different than with other cases that he, and Walker had in the past. With his brother it is bound to be more personnel.Thoughout this episode, certain scenes are not what they appear to be. Walker and Trivette would find out, and learn the truth about Simon.


  • Dedicated to our brother
Nick Corea


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