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Code of the West
Season 6, Episode 5
Airdate October 24, 1998
Written by Michael L. Wilson,
Janet A. Wilson
Directed by Michael Preece
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Walker, Texas RangerSeason Six
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Code of the West is the fifth episode of the sixth season of Walker, Texas Ranger, and the one hundred thirty-fifth episode overall.


Special Guest Star: Mike Connors (Judge Arthur McSpadden)

Guest Starring: L.L. Ginter (Dirk Morgan), Amanda Fuller (Katie), Camilla Belle (Cindy Morgan)

Featuring: Bobby Lee Allen (Guard #1), Vince Davis (Grissom), Meagan Derringer (Brenda Williams), Cynthia Dorn (M.E. Mary Williams), Ken Farmer (Commander), Gene Gabriel (Lyles), Jordan Goldberg (Johnny), Shawn Lane (Nelson), Brandon L'Heuruex (Rodney Stanton), Ian Maples (Jason), Stewart Schwensen (Reporter), Genaro Silva III (Ramos), Kentrell Stepney (Roderick), Klayton Turner (Peter), Mark Walters (Coleman), Woody Watson (Rudy)


Plot Overview

Dangerous criminal Dirk Morgan and a number of other convicts escape from prison guards while working on road work detail. This happened when several members of Morgan's gang drive up in a van and kill several guards and one inmate who was trying to get in the van. News of Morgan's escape alerts both Walker and Trivette. They manage to recapture four inmates that were running together in unison through a field when Walker,and Trivette pursued them in a helicopter. As usual, Walker and Trivette get into the usual fight after getting the drop (literally) on the four escapees from a hoving helicopter. The search for Morgan is already in progress. Morgan has a score to settle with the people that he feels were responsible for his incarceration. With help from his gang, he kidnaps, ties up, and hangs the foreman of the jury which had convicted him. He and his gang would also hang the prosecutor in the same manner as the foreman. Meanwhile, Judge Arthur McFadden, a respected federal and a true humanitarian and author, is plugging his new book, "Code of the West". He is plugging his book at CD'S Place, and with him is his granddaughter Katie sitting in the background. The proceeds of his latest book will go to helping children of convicted felons that the judge had sentenced to prisons. The Judge has already helped a number of these children in good ways. One of the ways is taking the children on horseback rides and other trips for their enjoyment and fun. The only child that is not having fun (whose parents are not convicted felons) is Katie, the judge's own granddaughter. She had recently lost her parents in an automobile accident. They were killed by a drunk driver. Katie is bitter at this. The Judge tries his best throughout the time to bring Katie out of her bitterness. Another young lady, Cindy, is more optimistic about her present situation. She is one of the children the Judge is helping. She is also the daughter of Dirk Morgan. Cindy's mother has also passed on. While she misses her mother, she understandably does not miss her father. She remember him as being abusive towards her mother. It is Cindy who will help Katie over her bitterness of losing her parent. This will happen during the trip that they will be taking along with Alex, CD, and the other children. During this trip, they come across a baby deer, a fawn. They nurse the fawn back to health and release it. It will be reunited with its mother. This also helps Katie. A story that the Judge tells helps the children that he is telling the story to, to realize that despite all the bad things that happen in the world, there is still good in the world. While this trip is in progress, Morgan has been looking for the Judge to also hang. Walker and Trivette, while investigating the prison break, find out that the foreman,and the prosecutor were on the Morgan case,and stands the reason they were hung.Trivette using his computer finds that Judge McFadden was the Judge who had sentenced Morgan. Realizing Morgan will also be after the Judge, Walker calls Alex to warn her. Morgan had already found out where Judge McFadden is located, and he and his gang will go there to settle up on the Judge. Walker and Trivette race against time to beat Morgan there. Morgan arrives first. CD, seeing the truck Morgan is driving, tries to stop it, but gets hit by it. Alex, having warned the children to run into the woods, goes to help CD. She, along with CD and Judge McFadden, are held captive. All of the children, except Katie and Cindy, take refuge into the woods. They both try to stop Morgan from hanging the Judge but are pushed away. Fortunately, Walker and Trivette arrive, and with the help of Alex, give Morgan and his men a well-deserved thrashing. Cindy, feeling guilty about what her father tried to do, apologizes to the Judge. He lets her know that it is not her fault. It was her father's bad doing. She, in fact, tried to save him, to which the Judge always be grateful. So thankful, in fact, that he would like to adopt Cindy and have her live on his Ranch with him and Katie. And since Cindy and Katie had become such quick friends while on this trip, why not become adopted sisters as well. Some time later, the latest event has helped Judge McFadden's book sell so well that a Hollywood producer wants to make a movie on the events. The proceeds from the Judge's book "Code of the West" will also go to helping children of convicted felons lead a better life.


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