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Eyes of a Ranger
Season 6, Episode 10
Airdate December 5, 1998
Teleplay by Gordon Dawson
Story by Gordon Dawson,
Nicholas Corea
Directed by Michael Preece
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Walker, Texas RangerSeason Six
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Eyes of a Ranger is the tenth episode of the sixth season of Walker, Texas Ranger, and the one hundred fortieth episode overall.


Also Starring: Jimmy Wlcek (Trent Malloy)

Guest Starring: Valerie Perrine (Marge Wyman), Sean Kanan (Brad Alt), Masaya Kato (Lu Chee)

Special Appearance by: Michael Peterson (), Lila McCann (Kelly Wyman)

Featuring: Karen Borta (Reporter), Johnny Cann (Brad's Goon), Johnny Moore (Monty Vole), Vanessa Paul (Josie Martin), Alison Retzloff (Dory), Jane Simoneau (Judge Smith), Arran Scott Treadway (Donny Riggins), Mack Weston (Ramsay Alt)


Plot Overview

Kelly Wyman has dreams of becoming a country singer. Her mother supports her. She has one problem though: her boyfriend Brad Alt. He wants to control her. He is the son of a wealthy industrious. He believes that his father's wealth and influence can get him out of any problem. When Alex hears Kelly sing at the HOPE Center, Alex arranges for Kelly to meet a celebrity country singer that could help her out. This country star arranges for Kelly to sing at a big time rodeo event. Brad, having heard Kelly sing at that rodeo, tries to reconnect with her. He had earlier tried to assault her, and she does not want anything to do with him. But Brad will not be ignored. He still believes he owns her. He considers her his soul mate. He even threatens her and her mother if she turns against him. Walker and Trivette both have been trying to catch Brad, who wants to control the drug distribution network, but were unable to. When Walker learns of Brad's intimidation tactics, he asks Trent to keep an eye on Kelly. Alex's friend arranges for Kelly to sing at a concert (to which she wants to), and to take her on the road to jump start her singing career. Brad forewarns Kelly not to sing at that concert,or else. Kelly does, and is almost kidnapped by Brad's goons. Trent and Walker prevent the kidnapping. Sometime later, Brad is attending a meeting in his father's building to arrange a drug transaction. Walker, who is aware of the transaction that is going to take place, meets with Trivette and Trent to help take it down. But first, they are going to need a search warrant. Walker had arrested Brad earlier, but because there was no evidence of criminal acts committed, and because of his father's influence, Brad had been released. Alex reminds Walker of that fact. He then has Alex give him the address of Mr. Alt. Walker and Trivette find Mr. Alt playing golf and ask his permission to enter the premises of his building. When Alt inquires why, Walker and Trivette inform him of his son's drug transaction. Alt doesn't believe it. So Walker uses a different tactic. He makes a deal with Alt that if they (the Rangers) do not find his son Brad selling drugs inside his high rise Building, then he (Walker) will quit the Texas Rangers. The drug transaction is about to be finalized when Walker, Trivette, Trent Malloy, and several police officers break up the dealing. With the usual hand and fist fighting. Our heroes again emerging victorious. As Brad is arrested he pleads with his father to help him. The father, having seen the evidence in front of him, realizes how right Walker was about Brad. He will not help Brad and walks away with his son pleading for help. In the final scene, Kelly thanks everybody for helping her to go for her dream. She will go on tour with Alex's famous friend. As a special gift to Walker, she sings the theme song to the series.


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