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In Harm's Way (1)
Season 6, Episode 23
Airdate May 22, 1999
Teleplay by Gordon Dawson
Story by Gordon Dawson,
Nicholas Corea
Directed by Jerry Jameson
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In Harm's Way (2)
Walker, Texas RangerSeason Six
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In Harm's Way (1) is the twenty-third episode of the sixth season of Walker, Texas Ranger, and the one hundred fifty-third episode overall.


Guest Starring: Sam Hennings (J.T. Brody), Clayton Landey (Cole Hatch), Mike Rad (Zink), David Deblinger (Bill Ellis)

Special Guest Star: Stephen McHattie (Thomas Openshaw)

Featuring: Christie Abbott (Tracy Barnett), Gerald Brodin (Pilot), Robert Deacon (Groat), Richard Dillard (Rawlings), Pat Horrigan (Cal), James Huston (Mason Barnett), Lewis Johnson (News Reporter), Tom Nowicki (Neal Brockmeyer), Diane Perella (Linda Stanford), Bob Petrich (Ben Peters), Brett Rice (Kyle Meadows), Cheyenne Rushing (Kimber), Garrett Schenck (Brad Stanford), T.A. Taylor (Don Filmore)


Plot Overview

Some of the wealthiest Families in Texas are being slaughtered by unknown crazies dressed in masks,and costumes.The motive behind the slaughters remain unknown for a while.Walker,and Trivette are at a lost as to the motive.Soon,the motive becomes clear:Extortion.The wealthy are shown video tapes of the Slaughtered Family,and are threatened with the same slaughter unless the killers are paid millions.The Mastermind behind these killers is a Man name Openshaw.He instructs his henchmen to pick out which Families to kill.One of the killers videotapes the slaughters.The Killers first case out the Residence of the wealthy,checking their Security,and once they have enough info on the Residence,they kill entire Families,and their Servants.Walker,and Trivette having learned of the method,sets a trap for the killers,and succeed in getting the drop on them.However most of resist,and are killed.Only one survives,and gives up Openshaw.Openshaw is arrested.The Rangers gather enough evidence to bring charges against Openshaw,to hopefully convict him.But,Openshaw has an ac up his sleeve.Walker,and Alex plan to take the evidence to another City for Trial.Openshaw has his Lawyer contact his chief henchman to down the Plane before Walker takes the evidence to Trial.The downing is a success.The Plane is shot down.Walker,and Alex however survive the crash.


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