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Lost Boys
Season 6, Episode 12
Airdate January 9, 1999
Written by Robin Madden
Directed by Rich Thorne
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Walker, Texas RangerSeason Six
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Lost Boys is the twelfth episode of the sixth season of Walker, Texas Ranger, and the one hundred forty-second episode overall.

Chuck Norris (Cordell Walker)

Starring: Clarence Gilyard (James Trivette), Noble Willingham (C.D. Parker), Sheree J. Wilson (Alex Cahill)

Also Starring: Marco Sanchez (Carlos Sandoval)

Guest Starring: Dan Clark (John Tyler "Johnny" Blade), Ada Maris (Theresa Estrella), Chauncey Leopardi (Bobby Landrum), Michael Fishman (Blade's Goon), Bernie Guzman (Jesse Estrella)

and David Labiosa (Det. Sal Ochoa)

Featuring: Michael Costello (Lawrence Patterson), Gil Glasgow (Bill Sadler), Lydia Gonzalez (Mrs. Chavez), Todd Lowe (Zack Conlon), Maurice Scott (Guard), Steve Shearer (Master of Ceremonies)

Uncredited: Jeff Huntington (Juvenile Prisoner), Garrett Warren (Thug)


Plot Overview

Carlos's Nephew Jesse becomes innocent in a crime involving juvenile offenders. When Jesse's friend Bobby is caught during the commission of a crime (the crime being stolen Electronic equipment) by a Police Officer, the Officer is shot by Bobby's Boss. The Boss Criminal then gives Bobby the murder weapon and tells him to hide it somewhere. Bobby does as he's ordered to do. When the Police had answered a call to the break-in at the Electronics Warehouse, they arrested the young men all teenagers except for Bobby. Bobby in a panic runs to his friend Jesse's House. He begs Jesse to hide the Gun for him. Jesse says "No", having learned what has happened and wants nothing to do with any criminal activities. Unknown to Jesse, Bobby hides the Gun in his House. By Morning Jesse is taken to the Boss Criminal whose is called Blade. Having learned what Bobby had done, he inadvertently involved Jesse who is told to bring the Gun that Bobby hid in his House back to Blade, and is further told not to reveal what he knows, or else. Jesse gets the message of the meaning of Blade's words. Unfortunately, Jesse's Mother has found the Gun and contacted Carlos. Both would like Jesse to explain what the gun is doing in his room. Remembering Blade's threat, Jesse pretends to be insulted that his Mother had entered his room. Jesse runs off. Carlos will have the Gun checked to find out if the Gun had been used in any recent Crimes. Carlos, of course, finds out the Gun had been used to kill a Police Officer. Having learned about this Carlos, his Mother, Walker, and Trivette go in search of Jesse to find out what he knows about the killing of the Police Officer. The situation becomes more serious with the death of the Police Officer, and Jesse had some knowledge but is too afraid to reveal what he knows, Jesse could face some time in Prison. Or, worst if Blade and his cronies find him first. Who will get to him first?


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Behind the Scenes

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Memorable Moments


  • Patterson: Do you know who I am?
Carlos: Yeah, you're a lowlife scum who likes to frame innocent kid".