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Stalag 16
Weird Science - Stalag 16.png
Season 5, Episode 10
Airdate March 14, 1997
Production Number K1910
Written by Ed Ferrara &
Kevin Murphy
Directed by David Grossman and
Ricardo Mendez Matta
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I, Chettus
Weird ScienceSeason Five

Stalag 16 is the tenth episode of the fifth season of Weird Science, and the eightieth episode overall.

Starring: Michael Manasseri (Wyatt Donnelly), John Mallory Asher (Gary Wallace), Lee Tergesen (Chett Donnelly)

and Vanessa Angel (Lisa)

Guest Stars: Bruce Jarchow (Principal Scampi), Kenneth Mars (Kommandant), Lawrence Poindexter (Pommefritte), Larry Hankin (Manfredi)

Co-Starring: Rick Zieff (Mr. Frehley)

with John Ganun (Guard #1), Doc Duhame (Guard #2), Robert Shook (Guard #3)


Plot Overview

Lisa creates a holodeck for the boys, but it gets occupied when Scampi chases Chett into it. Finding themselves in a simulation of a German POW camp, they have to work together to get out.


Arc Advancement



  • Chett and Scampi put aside their differences, but once Lisa wipes Scampi's memory, he remembers nothing of this bonding and chases Chett back into the holodeck in rage.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • The title is based on the 1953 film Stalag 17.
  • One of the Nazi guards says "I hear nothing. I hear nothing!" This is a quote from the character of Schultz from the series Hogan's Heroes, which was also set in a German POW camp.
  • The name Chett assumes when he pranks Scampi is Ace Frehley, one of the original members of the rock band KISS.

Memorable Moments

  • Every time the camera cuts to Pommefritte, he is throwing away the cigarette he has in hands in frustration.


  • (Lisa bows and her cap falls off, revealing her hair)
Kommandant: Your hair seems to be a bit beyond regulation length. Of course, rank has its privileges, nicht wahr? It is bouncin' and behavin'.
Lisa: Thank you.
Kommandant: "Thank you"? Hah! "Thank you"?! Us German guys never say "thank you"! You are a fake German guy! Guards! You are very good, Wisenhiemer, but no disguise can escape these eagle eyeballs of mine. Take this man to the cooler!