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Welcome Back, Kotter

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Welcome Back, Kotter
Welcome Back Kotter-Logo.jpg
Premiere September 9, 1975
Finale June 8, 1979
Creator Gabriel Kaplan and
Alan Sacks
Based on characters conceived by
Eric Cohen,
Gabriel Kaplan &
Alan Sacks
Developed by developed for television by
Peter Meyerson
Network/Provider ABC
Style 30-minute sitcom
Company The Komack Company,
Wolper Productions
Distributor Warner Bros. Television
Seasons 4
Episodes 95
Origin USA

Welcome Back, Kotter is a sitcom that aired on ABC.

The show starred stand-up comic/actor Gabe Kaplan as the title character, Gabe Kotter, a wisecracking teacher who returns to his alma mater high school, the fictional James Buchanan High in Brooklyn, New York, to teach an often unruly group of remedial loafers self-labeled as the "Sweathogs." (The nickname reflected the fact that the remedial classes were held on the very top floor of the high school.) The school was based on New Utrecht High School, which was used in the opening credits, and also the high school that Kaplan attended. The school's principal was perpetually absent, while the uptight vice principal, Michael Woodman, dismissed the Sweathogs as worthless hoodlums and only expected Kotter to attempt to contain them until they inevitably dropped out.

Kotter had attended the same remedial classes when he was a student at Buchanan, and was a founding member of the Sweathogs. Recognizing that he was his students' last chance to learn enough to survive beyond high school, he soon befriended them as they grew to recognize and appreciate his faith in their potential. His devotion to the class was such that his students often visited his Bensonhurst apartment, sometime via window, to the chagrin of his wife, Julie.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2 3 4
Gabriel Kaplan Gabe Kotter * * * *
Marcia Strassman Julie Kotter * * * *
John Sylvester White Mr. Michael Woodman * * * *
Robert Hegyes Juan Luis Pedro Phillipo de Huevos Epstein * * * *
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs Freddy "Boom Boom" Washington * * * *
Ron Palillo Arnold Dingfelder Horshack * * * *
John Travolta Vinnie Barbarino * * * o
Melonie Haller Angie Grabowski *
Stephen Shortridge Beau DeLabarre *
Supporting/Recurring Cast 1 2 3 4
Debralee Scott Rosalie "Hotsy" Totsy * *
Vernee Watson Vernajean Williams * *
Helaine Lembeck Judy Borden * * *
Dennis Bowen Todd Ludlow * *
Catarina Cellino Maria * *
Charles Fleischer Carvelli * *
Bob Harcum Murray * *
Irene Arranga Mary Johnson *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 9, 1975 February 26, 1976 22
Season Two September 23, 1976 March 3, 1977 23
Season Three September 10, 1977 May 18, 1978 27
Season Four September 11, 1978 June 8, 1979 23


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Complete Series  (Region 1)
The Complete Series August 26, 2014 purchase 16
Season Sets  (Region 1)
The Complete First Season June 12, 2007 purchase 4
The Complete Second Season January 20, 2015 purchase 4
The Complete Third Season May 26, 2015 4
The Complete Fourth Season August 18, 2015 4

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