Welcome to the Family/Season One

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Season One
Welcome to the Family
Season Premiere October 3, 2013
Season Finale October 17, 2013
Episode Count 9

Season One of Welcome to the Family premiered on October 3, 2013. NBC made three additional episodes available online after the show's cancellation.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Pilot Mike Sikowitz Michael Engler October 3, 2013 2.99M 1.1% 100
Dan Yoder and wife Caroline are happily anticipating an empty nest as their daughter Molly gets ready to head off to college. Molly has some interesting news for them, however, and when she announces that she and her secret boyfriend Junior Hernandez are going to have a baby, they have to adjust to a new reality and meet their new family - Miguel and Lisette. When these two very different families are thrown together, it's obvious that Dan and Miguel have the most difficult time adjusting to their new situation, while Caroline and Lisette take a softer approach.
2 2 Dan Finds Out Mike Sikowitz Michael Engler October 10, 2013 2.49M 0.8% 101
Caroline heads to the doctor to confirm her suspicions but when she encounters Molly and Junior in the same waiting room, things get a little awkward. Then, as Joseph decides to invite his parents to the first sonogram, things get even more awkward. When Caroline later learns she is indeed pregnant, she struggles with the best way to break the news to Dan, who has been happily anticipating an empty nest. Meanwhile, Dan returns to Miguel's boxing gym to get back into shape, and it doesn't go well.
3 3 The Big RV Adventure Michael Borkow Michael Engler October 17, 2013 2.42M 0.9% 103
In a moment of wistfulness about his long lost freedom, Dan decides to purchase an RV for a little recreational family time. Caroline is not completely thrilled about the purchase and is most concerned about finding relief for her mounting nausea and intense appetite. Miguel and Lisette attend Demetrio's Back to School Night and meet Demetrio's sixth grade teacher Ana Nunez - who turns out to be an old flame of Miguel's. Lisette, who is already feeling awkward about becoming a grandmother, is not happy to meet the gorgeous Ana. Meanwhile, Molly looks to her mother for advice on why Junior may be feeling less romantic now that she's pregnant.
4 4 Halloween Vanessa McCarthy Linda Mendoza online only 104
After landing a big client, Caroline eyes a promotion at work, but struggles to keep the pregnancy a secret until she can lock it in. Dan encourages Junior to lighten up a bit and have some fun so he considers rushing a fraternity on campus, which turns out to be Dan's old house. When Junior and Molly attend the Halloween costume party however, it becomes apparent that something has changed in the years since Dan was at school. Meanwhile, the Yoders entertain the Hernandez family for some Halloween trick-or-treating.
5 5 Dan and Miguel Play Ball Josh Siegal &
Dylan Morgan
Rebecca Asher online only 105
When Dan is short a player in his weekly basketball game, he invites Miguel to join but when Dan accidentally elbows Miguel in the mouth, the game goes from bad to worse. During the game, Lisette offers to take Caroline to her favorite Mexican restaurant for an amazing burrito but the ladies realize that they have differing opinions about the family drama surrounding them. Meanwhile, Molly is horrified to learn that the lab where Junior works is using animals for testing and it comes between them.
6 6 Lisette's Abuela Visits Alex Cooley Michael Engler online only 108
A visit by Lisette's grandmother Lita draws Molly and Caroline into a Hernandez family web of lies.
7 7 Molly and Junior Find a Place Peter Murrieta Linda Mendoza unaired 102
Molly and Junior find that living with the Yoder family is a little too close for comfort and decide to move in with the Hernandez family. Molly finds that the Hernandez house is an even tighter fit, and that Lisette is a little over protective and not quite ready to let go of Junior. The two decide that in the interest of everyone's privacy and comfort, they should find their own place together. Meanwhile, Caroline and Dan adjust to the news of Caroline's pregnancy and also the realization that Molly has finally moved out of the house.
8 8 Junior Takes a Stand Richard Brandon Manus &
Isaac Gonzalez
Bryan Gordon unaired 106
9 9 Thanksgiving Mike Sikowitz Jay Chandrasekhar unaired 107