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Premiere April 23, 1979
Finale May 30, 1980
Creator Jay Wolpert
Network CBS
Style 25-minute game show
Company The Bud Austin Company
Jay Wolpert Productions
Burt Sugarman Productions
Seasons 1
Episodes 247
Origin USA

Whew! was a game show airing on CBS daytime.

The show pitted two contestants---one was the charger, the other the blocker. The charger is sequestered offstage. The blocker faces a game board of squares (with a category denoting the material to be played) comprised of six levels: the first five levels each have five squares from $10 to $50 while the sixth level has three squares of $200, $350 and $500. The blocker now places six blocks anywhere on the board, at least one block per level or up to three on any one level. The charger now comes out and in the time limit of 60 seconds picks squares which contain a "blooper" (a statement with the key element deliberately incorrect--e.g.: The big annual event in Pamplona, Spain is running with scissors. The incorrect term will be underlined.) The charger starts at level 1 and must correct one blooper to advance to successive levels. If the charger uncovers a block, a five second penalty is assessed and he/she must stay on that level until he/she corrects a blooper.

The charger wins the game and scores the money from correcting the bloopers by making it to the top in the time limit. The blocker wins if the charger runs out of time. If the charger sees that time is running out, he/she may call a "Long Shot." Time is stopped and the blocker now secretly places a block in a square on level 6. The charger must uncover a blooper on level 6 and correct it to win the game. If a block is uncovered, the blocker wins the game and scores money in the amount of each successful block. (Long shots cannot be called on level 6 during timed play.)

Players switch places in game two. The player winning two games is champion and plays a bonus round for $25,000. He/she must run the "Gauntlet Of Villains," ten cut-out cartoon ne'er-do-wells with a monitor in their belly. Starting with the first villain, the player must correct a blooper in order to advance to the next villain. (If an incorrect answer is given, the correct answer is displayed on the villains' monitor.) The player has 60 seconds plus 1 second for every $100 won in the main game to run the gauntlet with $100 per correct answer awarded. Running all ten villains wins the $25,000.

Whew! was the last daytime game show to run 25 minutes, with a news capsule from CBS following it. In November 1979, celebrity team captains were employed and the show rebranded Celebrity Whew! The Hanna-Barbera studio created the animated opening for the show.


Person Role Duration
Main Cast
Tom Kennedy Host 1
Rod Roddy Annoucer 1