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Airdate July 5, 1993
Written by teleplay
Philip Morton
television story
Jonathan Heap
short story
Richard Lupoff
Directed by Jack Sholder
Network FOX
Style 2-hour science fiction drama
Company New Line Productions

Origin USA

12:01 is a science fiction drama. A physics experiment gone awry causes a "time bounce", making the world repeat the very same day over and over again. Due to a freak accident Barry Thomas's memory is preserved across repetitions and he sets out to stop the experiment in order to break out of the loop, and to save the woman he loves.

Starring: Jonathan Silverman (Barry Thomas), Helen Slater (Lisa Fredericks), Nicolas Surovy (Robert Denk), Robin Bartlett (Anne Jackson), Jeremy Piven (Howard), Constance Marie (Joan Zebeau), Glenn Morshower (Det. Cryers)

And: Martin Landau as Dr. Thadius Moxley

With: Paxton Whitehead as Dr. Tiberius Scott

Co-Stars: Cheryl Anderson (Supervisor), Joey Andrews (Kyle), Frank Collision (Thin Assassin), Ed Crick (Detective), Jonathan Emerson (Ted Fallow), Drew Gehl (Night Guard), Mary Hale (Anchorwoman), Mark Christopher Lawrence (Jack Spays), Will Leskin (Guard on Walkie Talkie), Eric Mansker (Heavy Assassin), Mark Phelan (Guard—Science Wing), Hosea Sanders (Himself), Ann Shea (Annette), Lara Steinick (Woman on Street), Danny Trejo (Prisoner), Jim Turner (Unemployed Dad), Ray Victor (Flower Vendor), F.X. Vitolo (Utility Worker)


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The Show

  • Déjà Vu: 12:01 is a remake of Jonathan Heap's Oscar-nominated 1990 short movie 12:01 PM.

Behind the Scenes

  • Let's Still Be Friends: Silverman and Slater had been romantically involved at some time prior to the filming of the movie. (Director's commentary)

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DVD Release

Title Release Date #
12:01 November 28, 2006 1


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