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Jack Bauer
Actor Kiefer Sutherland
First Appearance 1x01
Last Appearance
Series Billing Series: Billed
Episode Count 120
Notable Episodes 1x24


Basic Information

A former special forces operative, Jack Bauer is the best anti-terrorist agent in the United States. Jack worked for the Los Angeles bureau of the Counter-Terrorist Unit. Jack is very ruthless and efficient at his job. Members of the Counter-Terrorist Unit have wide powers and loose rules, but Jack rarely plays by them. Jack is willing to do almost anything to protect his country, which can get him into major trouble upon occassion. While Jack is readily willing accept almost any level of personal sacrifice, one thing he will not accept at almost any cost is letting his family be harmed.

Character History

Season One

Jack Bauer, Director of the Los Angeles branch of CTU, is called back into work at midnight on the day of the California Democratic Presidential Primary to deal with a threat against the life of Senator David Palmer. When his daughter Kim, and his wife Teri are kidnapped, he has to juggle his personal and professional life, only to realize that the threats to Palmer and his family may be connected.

Jack starts out at home, playing chess with his daughter Kim. He has only recently moved back in with Kim and his wife Teri after a brief separation. When Jack and Teri check on Kim, they find that she has snuck out. Jack gets a call to return to CTU for an emergency briefing regarding a possible assassination attempt on Senator David Palmer. Jack has no time to look for Kim. He returns to CTU, where Richard Walsh confides in Jack that there may be someone in the agency invovled in the assassination attempt. Suspicious of the source of information that George Mason provided, Jack shoots him with a tranquilizer dart and then blackmails him with information proving he stole money from a drug bust.

Season Two

Jack has become estranged from his daughter and dropped out of society. When word of a new and more dangerous threat to the United States reaches the intelligence community, President Palmer pleads with Jack to help out.

Season Three

After becoming addicted to heroin in order to infiltrate a drug cartel Jack must go back undercover with the same cartel to try and stop a possible biowarfare terrorist attack in Los Angeles.

Season Four

Three months after the events of Day 3, Jack is fired by the new head of CTU, Erin Driscoll because he had been addicted to heroin. One year later, Jack is now the Special Secretary to the Secretary of Defense James Heller, and is secretly dating his daughter Audrey. Jack gets caught up in events when Heller and Audrey are kidnapped.

The day starts out with Jack in Audrey's hotel room getting ready. He has a budget meeting at CTU. Audrey goes with her father. Driscoll monitors an operation to capture a terrorist suspected of being behind a train bombing earlier. Jack sits in and gives advice that enables the suspect to be captured. When the suspect, Tomas Sherek is brought into CTU, Jack recognizes him and refuses to believe he was only in L.A. for a train bombing. When Chloe O'Brian confides that they received information indicating a possible strike at 8 A.M., Jack is determined to get Sherek to talk before then. He shoots Sherek in the leg and demands to know what the primary objective was. Sherek tells him that it was the Secretary of Defence. Jack calls Audrey, but can only listen hopelessly as she is abducted.

Jack is taken into custody by Driscoll for torturing Sherik, but Chloe comes in to see Jack with information that Driscoll ignored a possible connection revealed by her friend Andrew Paige. Using that as leverage, Jack gets Driscoll to release him. Jack and Ronnie_Lobell go to meet Andrew Paige, but Kalil gets to him first. Jack and Ronnie pursue him, but Ronnie gets shot and killed. Jack starts following Kalil, hoping that he will go to the location where Heller is being held.

Driscoll orders Jack to take Kalil into custody, but Jack refuses, fearing that they might not be able to break Kalil on time and that Audrey and her father could be killed. Driscoll orders Jack to be found and taken into custody. Jack realizes that Kalil is attempting to determine if he's being followed. Jack contacts Chloe and asks her to steal some satellite time so that he can follow Kalil covertly. Kalil drops Andrew off under a bridge by a highway to interrogate him. There are two other men there who will kill him and dispose of the body. When Kalil leaves, Jack kills the two men with a sniper rifle, then races back to his car to follow Kalil. Kalil goes into a convenience store, and when Chloe tells Jack that she won't have the satellite ready for some time, Jack decides to stage a robbery to buy more time.

Jack tries to keep a lid on things but a police officer shows up. Jack locks him in the back while waiting for Chloe to get the satellite ready. The cops show up and surround the place, but Chloe gets the satellite coverage. Jack takes Kalil out as a hostage and puts him in the driver's seat. Jack forces Kalil out of his own car not far along and keeps driving, knowing Kalil would try and steal another vehicle. Jack gets caught by the police.

Driscoll decides to try things Jack's way, and tells the cops to let him go. Jack keeps tracking Kalil, but Kalil suspects he's being followed. Kalil commits suicide by driving head-on into a cement truck. However, CTU finally finds a suspicious heat source nearby, which is probably where Kalil was headed. Jack arrives there, but is warned off by Driscoll, who says that a missile strike is being launched at the compound.

Jack sneaks through the compound, finds Audrey, and slips her a knife. Jack then finds the room where Heller is being put on trial. He frees Heller and they make their way out of the compound. Audrey is missing from her cell. Jack and Heller get pinned down behind a car outside. Luckily, the marines arrive and sweep the area. Omar emerges from a side door with a gun to Audrey's head. Audrey stabs him and Jack throws a knife into his throat. Jack, Heller and Audrey go back to CTU. Jack attends a teleconference with McLennan-Forrester and learns about the nuclear power plant override that was stolen during the train bombing.

Season Five


Memorable Moments


  • As of the end of season five, Jack Bauer is the only character to appear in all 120 episodes.

Kill Count

Season Confirmed Kill Count
1 9
2  ?
3  ?
4 44
5 8 (9)