2 Stupid Dogs

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2 Stupid Dogs
2 Stupid Dogs-Logo.jpg
Premiere September 12, 1993
Finale February 12, 1995
Creator Donovan Cook
Network/Provider TBS
Style 30-minute animated comedy
Company Hanna-Barbera Productions
Seasons 2
Episodes 26
Origin USA

2 Stupid Dogs is an animated comedy that aired on TBS.

Inspired in part by The Ren and Stimpy Show, 2 Stupid Dogs chronicles the misadventures of a small orange dog (maybe a dachshund) and a big sheepdog. The little dog is hyper, afraid of cats and not too bright; the big dog is laconic, slow, can fell a cat with a single "woof," and isn't real bright but can use some rationale once in a while. The show's main co-star is a big, heavy-set human named Hollywood, whose catch phrase is "Isn't that cute...but it's wrong!!!" Appearing in three bizarre episodes which had material by John Kricfalusi was a Little Red Riding Hood with Tourette Syndrome.

In the first season, the show's middle feature was Super Secret Secret Squirrel, an updated edition of the 1965 Hanna-Barbera cartoon Secret Squirrel. Secret's boss this time is an ox, and a secretary, Penny, is thrown in.

Season 2 saw plans to revive The Hair Bear Bunch and The Cattanooga Cats as the revolving middle feature of the show, but the plans never followed through. As a result, three 2 Stupid Dogs cartoons would be screened.

One of the show's art directors was Craig McCracken, who would go on to even greater success creating The Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Wander Over Yonder and the forthcoming Kid Cosmic.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Brad Garrett Big Dog 1 2
Mark Schiff Little Dog 1 2
Jess Harnell Secret Squirrel 1
Jim Cummings Morocco Mole 1
Tony Jay Chief 1


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 12, 1993 December 5, 1993 13
Season Two September 4, 1994 February 12, 1995 13


DVD Releases

There has not been a DVD release for this show.