3 for the Money

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3 for the Money
Premiere September 29, 1975
Finale November 28, 1975
Host Dick Enberg
Network/Provider NBC
Style 25-minute game show
Company Stefan Hatos-Monty Hall Productions
Episodes 50
Origin USA

3 for the Money is a game show that aired on NBC.

Two teams, each of a celebrity team captain and two civilians competed all week in answering questions based on three clues per question. One team captain chooses a category and how many of the opposing team to compete against. As the clues are revealed, the first player to buzz in answers. Correct answers score money. Incorrect answers allow the opposing team to see the other clues before answering. Payoffs are $100 for one opposing player, $200 for two and $300 for all three.

Round two is the catch-up round. Played against a 2:00 clock, it is played similarly to the first round except once a team takes the lead, the clock stops and the other team plays. The team in the lead after time expires wins.

That team plays the bonus round, in which alternately they must identify seven names revealed a letter at a time for a jackpot of $1000 per player. The top scoring team at the end of the week kept the cash and also won an automobile for each civilian player. The runners-up received a $1000 gift certificate for Spiegel's catalog.




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