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The Deal
Season 3, Episode 5
Airdate April 6, 2015
Written by Scott Kosar
Directed by Nestor Carbonell
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Norma Louise
Bates MotelSeason Three

The Deal is the fifth episode of the third season of Bates Motel, and the twenty-fifth episode overall.

Starring: Vera Farmiga (Norma Bates), Freddie Highmore (Norman Bates), Max Thieriot (Dylan Massett), Olivia Cooke (Emma Decody)

with Kenny Johnson (Caleb Calhoun)

and Nestor Carbonell (Sheriff Alex Romero)

Guest Starring: Tomiwa Edun (Marcus Young), Ryan Hurst (Chick Hogan), Joshua Leonard (James Finnegan), Tom McBeath (Stanley), Kevin Rahm (Bob Paris), Peter Stebbings (Trespasser), Keenan Tracey (Gunner)

Also Starring: Martin Novotny (Clay DuFont), Ally Warren (Cocktail Waitress), Uma Jama (Bob's Assistant), Madyson Parsons (Young Norma (12yr)), Travis Breure (Young Caleb (13yr))


Plot Overview

Norma is under pressure to hand over the flash drive. However, she gets what she believes is a lucky break when its content is revealed and hopes to make a deal. Dylan is also given a reprieve when he discovers Norman didn't actually tell their mother about Caleb who, meanwhile, is offered an opportunity to make extra money.



  • Hiss Golden Messenger - "Saturday's Song"

Arc Advancement


  • Gunner finds and cracks contents to the flash drive. It turns out to a business ledger, pertaining to the drug trade and has the names of several important figures in the town, including Bob Paris.
  • Norma uses the contents of the flash drive as leverage to get Paris to see that there's an exit off the bypass that would lead to the motel, along with a sign, and swimming pool for the motel.
  • Chick offers Caleb a transportation job and gives him until the end of the week for answer.
  • Romero discovers Paris had one of his men, Clay DuFont dispose of Lindsay Davis's body. After confronting Paris about it, Romero finds DuFont shot in the head.


  • Norman recalls telling his mother about Caleb, but actually didn't.
  • Norma asks Finnegan if he's attracted to her and he says yes.
  • Norman finds one of Norma's dresses, the one he believes she was wearing when he thought he told her about Caleb, and hides it in his room.
  • Norman admits being jealous regarding Norma and Caleb's relationship and wanted to destroy it.
  • After discovering Norman didn't tell Norma about Caleb, he prepares to tell her himself with Norman agreeing to being there when he breaks the news.
  • After Dylan reveals Caleb is at his farm and just wants to talk and apologise, Norma angrily packs a suitcase and drives off.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

  • A scene cut has Emma confronting Norma about what she told Norman. The solidified the end of Norman and Emma's romantic relationship.

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Dylan: Someone ran you off the road?
Norma: Yes, and threatened me. Some guy who told me to contact some other guy because I had something of his. What's wrong with these criminals that they can't just hang on to their own shit? Like it's my fault?