Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Cally Tyrol

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Petty Officer 2nd Class Callandra "Cally" Tyrol
Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Actor Nicki Clyne
First Appearance Miniseries
Last Appearance 4x04 - The Ties That Bind
Series Billing Miniseries-Season 1: Co-Star
Seasons 2-4: Secondary Billed
Episode Count 38
Notable Episodes 2x03 Fragged
2x04 Resistance
4x04 - The Ties That Bind


Basic Information

Full Name: Callandra Henderson Tyrol

Character History

Memorable Moments

  • Cally nearly got raped in Bastille Day by one of the prisoners on the Astral Queen, but beat back her attacker by biting his ear off.
  • When Jammer sarcastically said that Cally's loyalty to Chief Tyrol (who was suspected of being a Cylon) was perhaps because she was "frakking him too", Cally threw him against a wall and punched him in the face. Hard.
  • Cally shot and killed Galactica-Boomer when she was being transferred to another cell, because she was outraged that Chief Tyrol was wrongly suspected of being a Cylon because of her.


  • Cally was originally planned to die during the attempted rape in Bastille Day, but the producers decided to write in that she survived by biting her would-be rapist's ear off. In the final version she gets shot in the leg but soon recovers.
  • Cally joined the Colonial Fleet in order to pay for dental school.
  • Cally's last name was given by series writer Bradley Thompson, a regular contributor to Battlestar Wiki, at Comic-Con and confirmed in a post on Battlestar Wiki in July 2006. He also confirmed that she took Tyrol's surname when she married him. Both were later confirmed on screen during her funeral scene in 4x05 - Escape Velocity along with her full first name.