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Season Four
Being Erica
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Season Premiere September 26, 2011
Episode Count 13

Season Three



Season Four of Being Erica premiered on September 26, 2011 with episodes written by Aaron Martin & Jana Sinyor.


# # Title Teleplay By Directed By Airdate Prod.
39 1 Doctor Who? Aaron Martin &
Jana Sinyor
Ken Girotti September 26, 2011 125801-40
Erica begins the final stage of her therapy as a doctor in training, and she is shocked when her first patient is revealed to be someone she knows.
40 2 Osso Barko James Hurst &
Shelley Scarrow
Gary Harvey October 3, 2011 125801-41
50/50 Press' new assistant, Rachel is struggling under Julianne's particular management style, while Erica tries to get to the root of Julianne's bullying.
41 3 Baby Mama Julia Cohen Ken Girotti October 10, 2011 125801-42
Erica reels from Sam's shocking news. Barbara struggles to bury the past.
42 4 Born This Way Shelley Scarrow &
James Hurst
Gary Harvey October 17, 2011 125801-43
Brent is failing to jive with the new River Rock. Erica returns to her high school days in order to help an exchange student fit in.
43 5 Sins of the Father Ian Carpenter Paul Fox &
Maria Fox
October 31, 2011 125801-44
Outside the office, Dr. Tom is repeating an old pattern. Erica and Adam hit a rough patch. Kai is back from the future.
44 6 If I Could Turn Back Time Graeme Manson Phil Earnshaw October 31, 2011 125801-46
Erica wishes for more control, and gets it when Dr. Tom grants her time-travel powers.
45 7 Being Ethan Aaron Martin &
Jana Sinyor
Kari Skogland November 7, 2011 125801-45
Erica runs into Ethan, and they bond in both the present and past. Meanwhile, Brent and Julianne share a revelation.
46 8 Please, Please Tell Me Know Aaron Martin &
Jana Sinyor
John Fawcett November 14, 2011 125801-47
Everyone is keeping secrets, and Erica grapples with learning life's biggest secret of all.
47 9 Erica's Adventures in Wonderland Amanda Fahey &
Aaron Martin &
Jana Sinyor
Paul Fox &
Maria Fox
November 21, 2011 125801-48
It's Dave and Ivan's wedding day, and Erica find herself living her own relationship fantasies.
48 10 Purim Amanda Fahey &
Aaron Martin &
Jana Sinyor
John Fawcett December 5, 2011 125801-49
Erica is sent back to her family's 1992 Purim party, after Erica gets an unwelcomed birthday surprise from Julianne.
49 11 Dr. Erica Aaron Martin &
Jana Sinyor
Chris Grismer December 12, 2011 125801-50
Four years ago Erica Strange was single, barely making enough money to get by, and had a long list of regrets. Thanks to her time-travel therapist Dr. Tom, Erica has turned her life around, but nothing can prepare her for her most difficult challenge yet - saying goodbye.

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