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Premiere January 4, 1988
Finale April 1, 1988
Creator Jay Wolpert
Host Bob Goen
Network/Provider CBS
Style 30-minute game show
Company Jay Wolpert Productions,
Taft Enertainment
Seasons 1
Episodes 65
Origin USA

Blackout is a game show that aired on CBS.

Two teams, each of a celebrity captain and a civilian participated. One member of a team is partitioned off with earphones as his/her partner describes a word in 20 seconds. The partitioned player is brought back and now hears the playback of the description, only the opponent now uses a device with a plunger--a "blackout box"--to edit out up to seven seconds of the description. (One second is added to the "blackout" time for every key word that is repeated by the describing team.) The player must identify the word.

Each word becomes one of four blanks to a riddle with a pun. The object is to guess the words and try to complete the riddle. For example:

The captain used a _______ when he sailed to _______ so he could get his _______ _______.

The words in this case would be STRAIGHT, ALASKA, BEARING and COMPASS. Correctly placing them in the blanks makes it read as such:

The captain used a COMPASS when he sailed to ALASKA so he could get his BEARING STRAIGHT. (The pun is at the end, for "Bering Strait." Get it?)

The team solving two riddles wins and tries for $10,000 in the bonus game. One member faces a board, the other with his/her back to it. With 70 seconds posted, clues to words start appearing. Once enough clues are up, the member facing it says "Solve it!", the other player turns and tries to get the word. Five words correctly solved wins the $10,000.

Blackout replaced The $25,000 Pyramid, which ended on December 31, 1987, at the 10 AM spot on CBS. Three months later, Blackout was canceled and was replaced with The $25,000 Pyramid (presumably Pyramid was brought back by popular demand but it's widely believed it was a stop-gap measure while the CBS version of Family Feud was being prepped).



Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One January 4, 1988 April 1, 1988 65


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