Blank Check

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Blank Check
Premiere January 6, 1975
Finale July 4, 1975
Creator William T. Naud,
Rich Jeffries
Host Art James
Network NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Barry-Enright Productions
Seasons 1
Episodes 130
Origin US

Blank Check is a game show that aired on NBC.

Six contestants competed on a whole week of shows. One contestant was the "check writer," who stood at a podium with a large check in back of him/her. There was a 4-digit electronic readout for the check amount. The check writer hits a plunger to determine the five numbers in play for writing the check. The other five contestants had to ring in and answer riddles posed by host with correct responses giving that person the chance to predict which of five numbers the check writer selected to start the amount of the check. If right, that person becomes the new check writer, otherwise if wrong, the selected number goes in the check readout. A check writer completing the check wins that amount. After a week of shows, a bonus prize was awarded to the player who had won the most.



Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One January 5, 1975 July 4, 1975 130

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