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CFJC logo 2012.jpg
City of License Kamloops, British Columbia
Market Kamloops, British Columbia
Channel 4 analog,
43 digital (not on air)
Network Affiliation Current: Citytv
Historic: CBC Television (1957–2006)
CH/E! (2006–2009)
Founded April 8, 1957 (as CFCR-TV)
Company Pattison Media
President Jim Pattison
Current Popular
Non-Network Shows

CFJC-TV is a Canadian local station in Kamloops, British Columbia. It is owned by Pattison Media (formerly the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group) and is affiliated with Rogers Communications' Citytv network. It broadcasts on analog channel 4, with a digital channel allocation of 43 (not yet on the air).


CFJC went on the air for the first time on April 8, 1957 as CFCR-TV, a privately-owned CBC Television affiliate owned by CFJC Radio Ltd., the parent of co-owned Kamloops radio station CFJC (now CKBZ-FM). CFCR originally aired eight hours a day, with locally-produced programming airing alongside the CBC network shows (which aired via kinescope film and aired a week later than larger-market stations).

During the 1960s, CFCR expanded its broadcast signal across the Thompson Valley region of British Columbia by splitting the cost of installing rebroadcasting transmitters with each of the communities where the transmitters would be set up. On September 1, 1971, the station was recalled with its present call sign, in line with its sister radio station. In 1987, CFJC-TV, along with CFJC-AM and FM sister CIFM-FM, were sold to present owner the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group.

CFJC delegated its national ad sales and programming in the 1990s to Western International Communications, the then-owner of Kelowna CBC affiliate CHBC-TV, thereafter giving both stations identical programming, including CBC and syndicated shows, outside of local programming. When Canwest acquired the assets of WIC (including CHBC) in 2000, that company assumed non-CBC programming and ad sales for CFJC.

In 2005, Pattison applied to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to disaffiliate CFJC from the CBC, as Canwest had previously received approval to disaffiliate CHBC from the network and CFJC's concurrent disaffiliation was necessitated by its joint programming and ad sales agreement with CHBC. The CRTC approved the Pattison application on February 1, 2006 and both stations terminated their CBC affiliations on February 27 that year, with programming for CFJC now supplied by Canwest's CH system. CFJC became the first non-Canwest-owned CH affiliate, but continued using its own local branding (as "The All-New Independent TV7", for its Kamloops cable TV channel number) following the disaffiliation. The CBC did not install new transmitters in the Kamloops area to continue network service following CFJC's disaffiliation, but its Vancouver station CBUT began airing in the area via cable and satellite.

When Canwest revamped CH into the original Canadian version of E! in September 2007 by licencing the E! brand and programming from Comcast (the owner of the American cable channel of the same name), CFJC adopted the E! brand on-air for those shows while using the CFJC News brand for local news and regional programming, despite not being a Canwest-owned station.

On July 14, 2009, the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group announced that Pattison-owned E! affiliates CFJC, CKPG and CHAT, in the wake of the pending demise of the original E! (which has since been revived by Bell Media as a cable channel) on August 31, 2009, would be establishing new affiliations with Rogers Communications' Citytv system. Beginning September 1, the stations began carrying programming from Citytv (such as 30 Rock, Supernanny, The Office and The Jay Leno Show, along with shows added to the Citytv schedule which had previously been carried by E! such as How I Met Your Mother and The Biggest Loser), but do not use the Citytv branding, instead using their call signs for full-time local branding. [1]

Prior to disaffiliating from CBC in 2006, CFJC had historically carried telecasts of Hockey Night in Canada via CBC. When Rogers purchased the Canadian broadcast rights to National Hockey League games in November 2013, the Pattison Citytv affiliates (including CFJC) began airing Hockey Night in Canada again in October 2014 through Citytv's broadcasts of the show.

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