Caesars Challenge

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Caesars Challenge
Premiere June 14, 1993
Finale January 14, 1994
Creator Rick Rosner & Mike Dubelko
Host Ahmad Rashad
Network NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Rosner Television/Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Episodes 158
Origin USA

Caesars Challenge was a game show airing on NBC daytime. To date, it was the last daytime game show to air on NBC.

Contestants answered questions and attempted to guess words that are scrambled. The word appears in the windows of a slot machine manipulated by the male assistants (in Roman centurion garb). For each correct answer they give they may place one letter in the word into its proper spot. Solving the word wins the contestant $100 for the first round, $200 for the second and $300 for the third. A "Lucky Slot" is a letter in the word which when placed and the word identified scores a $500 bonus.

The top scorer plays the bonus round for a new car. There were two bonus rounds used. The first had a hopper containing 200 lettered balls. The contestant drew letters until enough to form a nine-letter word could be made. The contestant had ten seconds to unscramble the word with those letters. The second bonus round, first used that November, had the contestant unscrambling five words in thirty seconds.

Caesars Challenge was taped at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.


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