Camouflage (2007)

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Camouflage (2007)
Premiere July 2, 2007
Finale July 27, 2007
Creator Jonathan Barry
Terrence McDonnell
Host Roger Lodge
Network GSN
Style 30-minute game show
Company Buena Vista Television
Seasons 1
Episodes 5 per week
Origin USA
This is on the 2007 GSN game show. For the original version aired by ABC, see Camouflage (1961).

Camouflage is a word game that aired on GSN.

A jumble of letters is presented with a specific word hidden within in its correct order. A clue is given to the word and letters start to drop out with 10 points (out of a possible 100) taken away for every letter dropped. The contestant ringing in identifies the word to score the points. Three rounds are played, with the second round consisting of two words and points starting at 200, and round three consists of three words and points starting at 300. Whoever solves a puzzle can double their points by solving a second puzzle.

The top scorer wins the game and plays for $5000 in a bonus round. The contestant has 45 seconds to solve as many puzzles as possible with $250 awarded for each correctly solved. The player now must solve a final puzzle in 15 seconds.