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End of Line
Caprica - End of Line.png
Season 1, Episode 8
Airdate March 26, 2010
Written by Michael Taylor
Directed by Roxann Dawson
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CapricaSeason One

End of Line is the eighth episode of the first season of Caprica.

Starring: Eric Stoltz (Dr. Daniel Graystone), Esai Morales (Joseph Adama), Paula Malcomson (Dr. Amanda Graystone), Alessandra Torresani (Zoe Graystone), Magda Apanowicz (Lacy Rand), Sasha Roiz (Sam Adama)

and Polly Walker (Sister Clarice Willow)

Guest Starring: Scott Porter (Nestor), John Pyper-Ferguson (Tomas Vergis)

and James Marsters (Barnabas Greeley)

Guest Starring (end credits): Alex Arsenault (Philo), Leah Gibson (Emmanuelle), Jill Teed (Col. Sasha Pate)

Co-Starring: Hiro Kanagawa (Cyrus Xander), Genevieve Buechner (Tamara Adama), James Pizzinato (Drew), Liam Sproule (Keon), Teryl Rothery (Evelyn), Jim Thomson (Voice of Serge), Jesse Haddock (Vergis' Driver), Johnston Gray (Darius), Zak Santiago (Pann), Aidan Dee (Hippolyta), Alan Wong (Soldier at Roadblock)


Plot Overview

The Caprican government puts pressure on Daniel to mass produce the Cylons by setting the deadline from a month to just a week. For this to happen, the MCP must be reset, which will effectively destroy the Zoe avatar's existence. This pushes her to make her escape much sooner than she intended, but when Lacy's own trouble keeps her from helping, a desperate situation calls her to take desperate actions.

Meanwhile, Joseph has become so consumed by his quest to find Tamara in the V-world that a close friend has to step in to bring his search to an end.


Arc Advancement


  • Clarice confronts Barnabas over his attempt to build a power base.
  • Daniel finally caves and agrees to sell the Caprican City Buccaneers to Vergis.
  • Lacy has won Barnabas over enough that he has a crate prepared to deliver to Gemenon, which even can skirt by inspection. Unfortunately, the GDD has raised the alert level, so nothing can get clear for a week.
  • An officer from Military Procurement tells Daniel about the potential political embarrassment as the process is drawn out and bumps up his deadline from next month to next week. This pressures Daniel into directing Philo into burning off the anomalies on the chip so they can make a clean copy. This prompts Zoe to come out to Philo, but he panics and she accidentally kills him, forcing her escape. Cyrus tells Daniel that they might not even get the U-87 back.
  • Blocked off, Zoe winds up crashing the van she escapes in, presumably destroying the U-87 in the process.
  • Vergis is guaranteed the military contract in exchange for functional robots with some civilian applications.
  • Barnabas has Lacy swap Clarice's key fob, revealing later it was a bomb. He threatens to kill she and Keon if she isn't the one to detonate it, which she reluctantly does. However, Clarice isn't in her car when it explodes.


  • Clarice prepares for a trip to Gemenon.
  • Emmanuelle manages to get Tamara's attention, informing him of her father's condition. When Joseph comes to his apartment in New Cap City, he finally finds Tamara. She urges him to stop wasting his life finding her and shots herself before turning the gun on him. Shot, he derezes and is no longer able to get back into the game. Emmanuelle takes her holoband off to reveal she's Evelyn who comforts a grieving Joseph.
  • Haunted by Vergis's accusations, Amanda finally asks him about it. When he takes a moment to simply say "It's complicated," she walks away. She later recalls a previous suicide attempt before she goes up to the Pantheon Bridge, takes off her wedding band, and preps to step off.



The Show

  • As Daniel sits at the piano, he is actually playing the Graystone Theme that Bear McCreary has used throughout the series' score.
  • Jill Teed played Sergeant Hadrian in a couple of Season 1 episodes of Battlestar Galactica.
  • The scenes in the recap between Clarice and Olaf is taken from a deleted scene from the previous episode.

Behind the Scenes

  • Jesse Haddock is credited in this episode as Vergis's driver and not Darius, as he had in the previous two appearances. This is a remnant of a plotline in which Amanda's visions of her brother was to be part of an elaborate attempt by Tomas Vergis, who found a lookalike of Darius, to torment her and subsequently get the revenge he promised Daniel he would have. However, the producers decided that this failed to work within the reality of the show and all material that had been filmed to explain the original idea was cut out to fit in with the new direction.
  • The resolution to Joseph's search for Tamara was heavily altered in the final cut of the episode than what was originally filmed. It was part of a longer subplot in the episode, taking up nearly ten minutes. It involved Emmanuelle recruiting Sam to join in New Cap City and to set up a ruse that leads Joseph to try to rescue Tamara only for her to get shot, finally derezing, allowing him to put her to rest once and for all.
  • The male operatic vocals that can be heard are provided by Alessandro Juliani who played Felix Gaeta in Battlestar Galactica. As a classical singer, he is also no stranger to singing in the same universe, having sung a song in-character in the episode of the same series entitled "Guess What's Coming to Dinner?".
  • The Pantheon Bridge featured in the episode is actually Vancouver's Burrard Bridge.

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Early in the first act, a headline for an article Amanda reads for Defense Times ends with a quotation mark, but has no opening mark.
  • The U-87 throws Philo against the column and his head strikes near the top and simply bounces off. Yet, there are streaks of blood that run down almost to the very bottom.
  • As a leftover from the abandoned revelation, one can briefly catch the face of Vergis's driver when he opens the door and see that he resembles the vision of Darius that Amanda has been seeing around everywhere.