Cimarron Strip/Journey to a Hanging

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Journey to a Hanging
Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate September 7, 1967
Production Number 0707
Written by Jack Curtis story by Mel Goldberg and Jack Curtis
Directed by Vincent McEveety

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The Legend of Jud Starr
Cimarron StripSeason One

Special Guest Star: John Saxon (Screamer)

Guest Starring: Henry Silva (Coffin), Michael Strong (Latch)

Co-Starring: William Bramley (Whiskey Jack), Robert Sorrells (Bill Vincent), Rex Holman (Van Winger), Shrug Fisher (Smitty), George Keymas (David Penny), Gregg Palmer (Rockey), Margarita Cordova (Mexican Saloon Girl), Roy Barcroft (Salesman), Jason Johnson (Storekeeper), Nacho Galindo (Bartender), Ed McCready (Drummer), Dick Farnsworth (Dusty Rhodes), Tom Sweet (Max Stuhldreyer), Bill Hart (Kid Slaughter), Walt LaRue (Pike Landusky), Richard Hudkins (Red Bates).


Plot Overview

A bank robber, Rocky, is murdered in the Cimarron jail and a hot-tempered cowpoke, Screamer, in an adjoining cell recognizes the assassin as the victim's boss, Ace Coffin. Screamer offers to help Marshal Jim Crown track down the killer. However, he is so eager to lend his services that Crown questions his motives. It soon becomes apparent that Screamer's real reason for cooperating is that he knows that Coffin has a $10,000 price on his head and wants the reward for himself.

Meanwhile, Coffin is having his own troubles trying to control his large gang, who resent his cold-blooded murder of one of their members and are stirred up about their failure to get the loot that had been promised them.

Pursued by Crown, Screamer, Deputies MacGregor and Francis, in an initial skirmish with the gang MacGregor is wounded and he and Francis return to Cimarron after failing to find a Doctor in nearby Tres Cruces.

Going on Crown and Screamer forge some unlikely alliances in their relentless pursuit of Coffin. One being Latch from the gang, another, Smitty a rustler of Indian cattle, both with their own reasons to assist Crown. But can Crown trust any of them?


Arc Advancement



Dulcey is reading a book on how to read peoples future from playing cards. Francis deals the Ace of spades.

Ace Coffin robbed the Texas Pacific railroad killing 3 guards and 2 passengers and has $10,000 reward for his capture alive to stand trial.

Smitty steals indian cattle and rebrands them to sell on.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


Crown throws Screamer in jail for "Stampeding chickens on the sabbath".