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Season 1, Episode 12
Airdate December 7, 1967
Production Number 0715
Written by Ellis Marcus story by Ellis Marcus and John D.F. Black
Directed by Boris Sagal
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The Last Wolf
Cimarron StripSeason One

Guest Starring: Warren Oates (Mobeetie), William C. Watson (Burke Stegman), Richard Bakalyan (Colly Sims), Ken Swofford (Christie), Hal Smith (Harvey), Karl Swenson (Dr Kihlgren), Dabbs Greer (Judge Quayle), William Zuckert (Josiah Cooke), Ted Gehring (Sutter), Anne Barton (Sarah), Joe Haworth (Seth), Al Wyatt (Archie Foss), Johnny Jensen (Rusty), Jerry Brown (Hutchins), Jack Perkins (Tucker), Bob Davis (Hanson), Robert Karnes (Bart Hazlett), Clyde Howdy (Cooper), Vince Barnett (Wily), Tommy Lee (Chinese servant), Tony Epper (Dave Kerny)


Plot Overview

Crown arrests Burke Stegman when he and his gang try to rob a wagon by terrorising the settler and his wife. Crown kills his two men not realising a fourth is nearby. When he comes to trial at the Wayfarers Inn, Judge Quayle releases him as the settlers have left town and cannot testify got at by the fourth man. Stegman threatens Crown.

To celebrate getting a new job, cowhand Mobeetie rides his horse through the Wayfarer's Inn window. When Marshal Jim Crown holds the young man in jail overnight, he loses the job.

Another problem for Crown is a car load of unstable dynamite which was routed to Cimarron City by mistake and left in the siding. Stegmen sabotages the movement of the car and the dynamite has to be moved by wagon.

Crown then hires Mobeetie to help but he playfully tosses a stick of dynamite to MacGregor, who is injured as the stick explodes, Crown sends Mobeetie away.

Feeling unwanted Mobeetie joins a band led by Stegman planning to rob the Cimarron Bank as the townsfolk have evacuated the town because of the unstable dynamite but they need to kill Marshal Crown. He draws lots with the band to pick the man to kill the marshal and "wins" because all the lots are marked the same. When Mobeetie returns to Cimarron City to carry out his mission the town is deserted, except for a few men who have remained to help Marshal Crown.


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