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The Roarer
Season 1, Episode 8
Airdate November 2, 1967
Production Number 0703
Written by William Wood
Directed by Lamont Johnson
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The Search
Cimarron StripSeason One

Guest Starring: Richard Boone (Sgt. Bill Disher), Andrew Duggan (Major Covington), Robert Duvall (Joe Wyman), Morgan Woodward (Walter Forcey), Ed Flanders (Arliss Blynn), Med Flory (Newton), Peter Brooks (Spencer), Stuart Anderson (Trooper Eldridge), Ollie O'Toole (Congressman Burnett), Rayford Barnes (1st Trooper), Ed McCready (2nd Trooper), Erwin Neal (1st Cavalryman), John McKee (2nd Cavalryman), Mike Howden (3rd Cavalryman), Jack Braddock (Bartender)


Plot Overview

Sgt Bill Disher is a hell raising cavalryman and when one of his men, Corpl. Thomas, is killed when his horse trips over a fallen telegraph wire and he spilts his skull on the rail, Disher brings him to Cimarron City to be tended by the Undertaker Arliss Blynn. He bursts in on a citizens commitee led by Joe Wyman wanting action against the army who he considers as bad as any outlaws.

Things get out of hand at the undertakers when the soldiers come to collect Cpl Thomas's body and coffin and half of Mercantile St is burnt down. Returning to the fort Maj. Covington has Disher and his men placed in the stockade, but the townspeople's expectations of justice is short lived when Disher turns up in town.

Bitter about the death of Cpl Thomas, Disher escapes town and starts destroying the telegraph wires and tries to damage the railroad tracks. Spotted by Walter Forcey, a townsman, who tries to stop him and is killed.

Forced to act Crown arrests Disher and Wyman has stirred up a vigilante group to mete out justice so Crown has to make a diversion so that MacGregor and Francis can put him on a train bur again he escapes. Knowing only the army, Disher seeks help from the sympathetic Covington, but his only assistance is to dismiss him from the army to be pursued by Crown and the vigilante commitee.


Arc Advancement





The Show

Behind the Scenes

Randy Boone is a nephew of Richard Boone

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Memorable Moments


Marshal Crown about Disher "Well, the next time you talk about where this man belongs, you just try to remember where you were back when you were eight years old in Maryland. This place didn't exist. There wasn't any Cimarron Strip. There wasn't anything here but Comanche hunting grounds. It took the cavalry six long bloody years to make this place fit for citizens like you. Well, it doesn't matter whether Sergeant Disher was among 'em or not...... Well, I'd say Sergeant Disher has as much right here as you have. Maybe more"