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Da Vinci's City Hall/The Quality of Life: A Dominic Da Vinci Movie

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The Quality of Life: A Dominic Da Vinci Movie
The Quality of Life - A Dominic Da Vinci Movie.png
Airdate June 14, 2008
Written by Chris Haddock &
Alan DiFiore
Directed by John Fawcett
Network CBC
Style 90-minute drama
Company Haddock Entertainment,
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Filming Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Origin Canada

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Da Vinci's City Hall

The Quality of Life: A Dominic Da Vinci Movie (also known simply as The Quality of Life) is a telefilm that serves as the final instalment of the series which began with Da Vinci's Inquest and continued with Da Vinci's City Hall.

Nicholas Campbell (Mayor Dominic Da Vinci), Hugh Dillon (Jean Tellier), Mary Walsh (Katherine Greenborne), Brian Markinson (Police Chief Bill Jacobs), Venus Terzo (Detective Angela Kosmo), Patrick Gallagher (Detective Joe Finn)

and Michael Murphy (Charles Greenborne)

Also Appearing: Tinsel Korey (Anna Navarez), Bruce Ramsay (Earl Waverly), Ben Ratner (Sam Berger), Ron Lea (Tom Drood), Eugene Lipinski (Lloyd Manning), Allison Hossack (Elaine Cushing), Mylène Dinh-Robic (Rita Mah), Alex Diakun (Detective Chick Savoy), Hrothgar Mathews (Sergeant Charlie Klotchko)

Jennifer Clement (Mrs. Whiting), Ellen Ewusie (Lorraine), Nancy Kerr (Karen Shepherd), Karin Konoval (Constable Lacey), T-Roy Kozuki (Neighbour), Thai-Hoa Le (Win Moy), Rebecca Robbins (Marcie), Reg Tupper (Fisk), Pauline Wong (Emily), Dane B. McFadhen (Limo Driver), Samuel Vincent (Health Inspector Joe), Rondel Reynoldson (Linda Wood), Terry Chen (Kent Louie), Parker Jay (Constable #1), Hamza Farah (Food Bank Jack), Marcus Hondro (Security Guard Roy)


Plot Overview

A sex-filled event following a fundraiser results in the death of a helper. The hosts, the Greenbornes, are powerful media moguls who make sure to cover it all up. Dominic, who's hounded by persistent rumours that he's going to run for Premier, has to handle the incident by walking a tight-rope between uncompromising morality and political advantage.


Arc Advancement


  • The film does not resolve any of the plot threads left dangling at the end of the series. All that can be surmised is that Manning suffered no real significant (if any) legal ramifications as the result of his battle with Pacific Com. We also learn that in addition to the safe injection site, his red light district is still up and running.
  • The timing of the film is unspecified, but takes place some time after the end of the series. The most likely period is a year. This can be surmised by Jacobs's comment about having another year in his contract left. It was established he had a four year contract and Dominic would have a three year mayoral term.


  • Dominic and Jacobs are shown to be be genuinely friendly to each other, much more than since Dominic became mayor.
  • Dominic considers running for Premier.



The Show

  • Ian Tracey does not appear, making Nicholas Campbell the only mainstay throughout the entire franchise.
  • This also marks the only total absence of the entire Coroner's Office.
  • Terry Chen played William Chen in Da Vinci's Inquest

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments