Da Vinci's City Hall/The Dogs in Sympathy with the Cats

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The Dogs in Sympathy with the Cats
Da Vinci's City Hall - The Dogs in Sympathy with the Cats.png
Season 1, Episode 13
Airdate February 28, 2006
Written by Hiro Kanagawa,
Sylvia Leung
Directed by Stephen Surjik
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Da Vinci's City HallSeason One

The Dogs in Sympathy with the Cats is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Da Vinci's City Hall.

Starring: Nicholas Campbell (Mayor Dominic Da Vinci), Mylène Dinh-Robic (Rita Mah), Benjamin Ratner (Sam Berger), Brian Markinson (Police Chief Bill Jacobs), Hrothgar Mathews (Sergeant Charlie Klotchko), Ian Tracey (Mick Leary), Venus Terzo (Detective Angela Kosmo), Patrick Gallagher (Detective Joe Finn), Eugene Lipinski (Lloyd Manning), Stephen E. Miller (Zack McNab), Charles Martin Smith (Joe Friedland)

Also Appearing: Colin Cunningham (Detective Brian Curtis), Jim Codrington (Bob Forrest), Brian Mulligan (Earl Sweeney), Chris Britton (Richard Norton), Rob LaBelle (Phil Rosen)

Co-Starring: Rebecca Robbins (Marcie), Simone Bailly (Jan Ferris), Rékha Sharma (Cindy Winters), Donna Soares (Carrie Jones), Colleen Rennison (Katie), Reese Alexander (Sheriff), Matt Ward (Clay), Alex Corr (Reed), Michael-Ann Connor (Vera), Laurie Murdoch (Patrick Ito), Gabe Khouth (Mason), Karin Konoval (Martha Mellors), Jennifer Chow (Constable #1), Dee Jay Jackson (Lou), Gina Holden (Claire), Hiro Kanagawa (Roy Komori), Linda Darlow (Sandra Ferlinger), Frank Cassini (Inspector Arkin), Jim Byrnes (Eddie Banks), Carlos Joe Costa (Poker Player), Kwesi Ameyaw (Kaspar), James Caldwell (Bartender), Jana Mitsoula (Elizabeth Mercer), Kevin McNulty (James Dubreau), Derek Anderson (Constable #2), Zaib Shaikh (Shakil Khan), Michael Roberds (Ben Solomon), Dean Marshall (Detective Carter), Evan Adams (Jason Horne), Dave Cameron (Warner)


Plot Overview

With things appearing to be ramping up for the worse, the Mayor's luck may be turning for the better when the Coroner's Office discovers evidence that points towards the fire notice having been planted at the grow-op site.

Dominic also looks for help on Roger Woo's racetrack, and confronts Manning over his potential lawsuit with Pacific Com.


Arc Advancement


  • Curtis kills the Century hotel manager.
  • Dominic approaches Eddie Banks in hopes that he can help with the racetrack.
  • Pacific Com won't take a settlement and intend to fight Manning, claiming to have proof he's engaged in systematic influence peddling and conspiracy to monopolise local advertising business.
  • Norton approaches Kosmo and Finn about Dubraeu wanting to return to Canada in exchange for providing names and times fugitives are planning to return under assumed names. However, when he arrives, he find the Crown rejects the negotiation offer and he is arrested on charges of homicide.
  • Shakil Khan and Ben Solomon resign from the party because Dominic won't shut down the red light district and sit out as independents.
  • Phil Rosen is pulled over and is beaten for resisting arrest, landing him in the hospital. He believes it to be a reaction for asking the Police Complaints Commission to investigate the down town east side incidents.
  • The two adult men are arrested for the Stanley Park killing with the cooperation of Katie who won't be charged and the Crown will pursue it as a hate crime.
  • Lou finds evidence the boards used to close the grow-op had been pried off other than when Chick and Arkin went back in. Ferris's home is searched and a notepad of inspection notices is found. Mick release his coroner's report that the notice was planted after the shooting. She is arrested and Klotchko, despite having put her up to it, has her agree to take full responsibility in order to evade charges in exchange for resignation and therapy.
  • In the aftermath, Jacobs comes to Dominic and agrees to support cross-training and his red light policies.
  • Police Complaints asks Dominic for correspondence with the company when looking for replacements for Chief of Police.
  • The fire and rescue, with some police tagging in sympathy, protest what they find to be a police cover-up and converge at city hall to demand a new investigation.


  • Zack finds Joe gambling. He goes by the name Henry/Hank as he doesn't like to gamble under his real name.



The Show

  • Final appearances of Mick Leary, Zack McNab, Brian Curtis, Lou, and Carter.

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