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Season 2, Episode 13
Airdate January 19, 2000
Written by Larry Campbell,
Chris Haddock
Directed by Tom Braidwood,
Chris Haddock
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That's the Way the Story Goes
Da Vinci's InquestSeason Two

Reality is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Da Vinci's Inquest, and the twenty-sixth episode overall.

Starring: Nicholas Campbell (Dominic Da Vinci), Suleka Mathew (Dr. Sunita "Sunny" Ramen), Donnelly Rhodes (Detective Leo Shannon), Venus Terzo (Detective Angela Kosmo), Ian Tracey (Detective Mick Leary), Gwynyth Walsh (Dr. Patricia Da Vinci), Robert Wisden (Chief Coroner Dr. James Flynn)

Guest Starring: Matt Frewer (Larry Williams), Wendy Van Reisen (Jean Williams), Andrew Wheeler (Dr. Mark Kinnison), Alex Diakun (Chick Savoy), Sarah-Jane Redmond (Sergeant Sheila Kurtz), Sarah Strange (Helen), Andrew Airlie (Williams's Lawyer)

and Callum Keith Rennie (Detective Bobby Marlowe)

Co-Starring: Frida Betrani (Miriam), Maggie Blue O'Hara (Tracy), Kirsten Williamson (Brandy), Andrea Barclay (Mrs. Rubinoff), Paul Bittante (Dog Master), Mary Ann Skoll (Uniform), Cyndi Mason (Lana)


Plot Overview

The fantasy world of Williams begins to crumble when his appointed psychiatrist fears his intentions, is caught violating the conditions of his bail, and even his own wife has doubts of his innocence.


Arc Advancement


  • Homicide expands the time frame of the missing prostitutes, asking witnesses and Dominic begins working to gather evidence for DNA samples the prostitutes' relatives. Photos of the missing prostitutes are put in the paper.
  • Skeleton remains of a hiker are found up the mountain, which leads to the discovery of a piece of rope is found hanging from a tree elsewhere. This matches with Bobby having seen Williams go up to the mountains and woman having escaped him called from the bottom of the same mountain. It also matches with with him telling the psychiatrist about seeing the women. Dogs are sent in and lead to uncovering six bodies. It's later revealed to be where Williams shot a raven, held it as it died, changing him.
  • Williams's wife puts on makeup and tries to be seductive, only for him to lash out at her. She later finds sees a photo of one of the girls is wearing a cross that her Larry gave her. When police search their place, she gives it over to them. This leads to Williams confessing and he agrees to ID the bodies.




The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Mick: You ever pick up a hooker, Leo?
Leo: What the hell are you asking me for?
Mick: Well, I just figured, you know, guys picking up hookers are looking for a particular type, that's all.
Leo: Every guy likes a particular type of woman. We all know what type you like.
Mick: What kind's that, Leo?
Leo: Friendly?
Mick: Good answer.
  • Kurtz: I'd like to remind you once again, Mr Williams, that you can have your lawyer present for this.
Larry Williams: Nah, he'd just get his shoes dirty.
  • Dominic: All right, we have the five graves down here and there's one across the road you told us about. Are there any more?
Larry Williams: You mean any more like me?