Dallas (2012)

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Dallas (2012)-title.png
Premiere June 13, 2012
Finale September 22, 2014
Creator Cynthia Cidre
David Jacobs (original series)
Network TNT
Style 60-minute drama
Company Cyntax Productions
Warner Horizon Television
Seasons 3
Episodes 40
Origin USA
Official Site TNT

Dallas is a drama that aired on TNT. It is a sequel to the 1978-1991 series of the same name.



Picking up twenty years after the end of the original series, it mostly focuses on the rivalry between John Ross and Christopher, the grown sons of J.R. and Bobby respectively. John Ross has become just like his father before him, obsessed with oil and making profit by any means necessary. Christopher meanwhile has spent years living in Asia researching alternative energies, and returns to Southfork in the pilot episode with fiancé Rebecca Sutter in tow, and the two are married on the grounds. Later John Ross attempts to drill for oil on Southfork land, long forbidden by a stipulation in Miss Ellie's will, though Bobby ultimately puts a stop to it. Not willing to follow his grandmother's wishes, John Ross goes to see his father J.R. who has been living in a nursing home and suffering from clinical depression. Ultimately J.R. comes out of his funk, and sets to work assisting his son in a scheme to steal the ownership of Southfork out from under Bobby's nose, thus getting the mineral rights in order to drill for the oil. To this end JR makes a deal with Venezulean businessman Vincente Cano, promising to supply him with oil, with Vicente threatening to take Southfork if his oil demands are not met. All is not what it seems however, as John Ross has been plotting against his father with the help of a woman name Veronica Martinez, who has been impersonating the daughter of one of JR's many associates. JR discovers the ruse, though he still intends to help his son. Meanwhile, Rebecca is not who she seems, as its revealed her and brother Tommy Sutter have been plotting to aquire the patents on Christopher's newly-developed methane technology, though these plans hit a snag when Rebecca becomes pregnant with Christopher's children and decides to call it quits with Tommy, who turns out is not her brother but in fact her boyfriend. Tommy later has a confrontation with Rebecca that quickly turns violent, and Rebecca has to shoot him in self-defense, and its revealed that she is in fact, Pamela Rebecca Barnes, illegitimate daughter of Ewing nemesis Cliff Barnes, who is intent on finishing things with the Ewings, and isn't above using his daughter as well as his nephew Christopher to accomplish this. Meanwhile John Ross and JR ultimately succeed in they're attempts to to acquire oil (though the Southfork plot goes south) and John Ross and Christopher found Ewing Energies during a momentary truce between the two, in the same building as the original Ewing Oil. John Ross has even asked Elena to marry him, though his happiness is short-lived as his schemes to acquire Southfork come to light, and Elena reconciles with Christopher. Heartbroken and with his mind set on revenge, he resolves to have JR teach him every dirty business trick he knows, and season one ends with an aerial view of the Ewing Energies building and speech by Sue Ellen about her plans when she is elected governor, and the revelation of Cliff being Rebecca's father.

Also, Bobby Ewing has been married to former psychiatrist Ann Smith (who is also and old friend of Sue Ellen's) for several years now. Though revelations of Ann's past begin to come to light, with the introduction of her ex-husband Harris Ryland. Elsewhere, Sue Ellen is running for governor of Texas, and becomes involved with Ryland's machinations.

Another plot point involves the relationship between John Ross, Christopher and childhood friend Elena Ramos (the daughter of Ewing cook Carmen Ramos), who Christopher was set to marry in Mexico, but who supposedly sent Elena an email calling the wedding off.


Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Jesse Metcalfe Christopher Ewing 1 2 3
Josh Henderson John Ross Ewing, III 1 2 3
Jordana Brewster Elena Ramos 1 2 3
Julie Gonzalo Pamela Rebecca Barnes 1 2 3
Brenda Strong Ann Ewing 1 2 3
Mitch Pileggi Harris Ryland 1 2 3
Emma Bell Emma Brown 2 3
Kuno Becker Drew Ramos 2 3
Juan Pablo di Pace Nicolas Treviño 3
Patrick Duffy Bobby Ewing 1 2 3
Linda Gray Sue Ellen Ewing 1 2 3
Larry Hagman J.R. Ewing 1 2
Season numbers in red indicate a recurring or guest role in that season.
Supporting/Recurring Cast
Akai Draco Sheriff Derrick 1 2 3
Marlene Forte Carmen Ramos 1 2 3
Ken Kercheval Cliff Barnes 1 2 3
Kevin Page Steve "Bum" Jones 1 2 3
Glenn Morshower Lou Rosen 1 2
Faran Tahir Frank Ashkani 1 2
Callard Harris Tommy Sutter 1
Don Boaz Bo McCabe 2 3
Judith Light Judith Ryland 2 3
Alex Fernandez Roy Vickers 2
Antonio Jaramillo Luis 3
AnnaLynne McCord Heather McCabe 3


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One June 13, 2012 August 8, 2012 10
Season Two January 28, 2013 April 15, 2013 15
Season Three February 24, 2014 September 22, 2014 15


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